Style post: vintage fashion

Yaaaayyy! ! Am super excited to be posting on my blog for the first time and I hope y’all feel the same way too. Let’s jump right in to the vintage post.I got all of this outfit from thrift and I loved this shirt immediately I saw it, I had five ways I could style it in my head but I finally settled with a pair of jean shorts and the diy knee length yeezy boots. Well, if you follow me on instagram,(you should go follow on _zuggy) I already styled this vintage shirt once, when I had to meet up with a friend for lunch.
Yeah, so go ahead and tell me what you think about this look.
Pictures below

23 thoughts on “Style post: vintage fashion”

  1. Congratulations gurl on ur blog. Is it about fashion or general life ish? U may as well write an intro note to tell us wat we expect to get from ur blog. From ur first post though, it seems to be a fashion blog. Congrats again.


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