What’s style lately about?

This question about what the blog is about has been coming in and I had to dedicate a whole post to it. I am going to list out these questions and try to answer them one after the other.

1. What is style lately about?
Style lately is like my diary where I write and post pictures about my personal style which is more of a retro, laid back and vintage kinda thing. Don’t get me wrong, you can also see me on Gothic, minimalist, high fashion and all that.
Style lately is mostly a fashion blog more than lifestyle. I will be posting on makeup, skin care, my daily hair routine since my hair is natural and throwing in some motivational posts here too

2. What do you intend to achieve with the blog?
Well, my dream is bigger than just starting out a blog. I hope to build a fashion empire and my brand through the blog.
I’m also looking forward to collaborating with other fashion bloggers such as Cassie Daves of CassieDaves.com, grace alex of gafashion.net and mostly other Nigerian fashion brands.

Now you know what style lately is about, please leave your comments below, let me know some other ideas you think I should add or whatever fashion piece you would like me to style.

Ps: I appreciate all of your comments. Thank you!!

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