How to wear vintage

On my previous style post here, I promised to give out tips on how I wear vintage. I will like to also add that this is my personal style hence my opinions. You can feel free to add yours, which ever way it fits into your personal style.

Whenever I wear vintage, I always try to give it the most modern interpretation as possible.
 When you’re considering vintage, I hope these tips help out.

  • Shoes-  shoes matter a whole lot, if you’re not wearing vintage from head to toe, you can switch up your shoes to modern like a sandals or a court shoe similar to the one I wore in this post
  • Accessories- This includes the bag, bangles, hats, glasses, fascinators and the hair. In as much as I try to keep it modern, I didn’t take away that vintage vibe, I kept my bag vintage. Belts are also a great way to style vintage depending on what you’re wearing. I didn’t use belt in styling this post because I thought there was no need. Hats are also great accessory when wearing vintage which can be any type of hats.
I hope this tips were of great help to you. Try it out and hash tag stylelately let me know how you styled your vintage. 

I appreciate everyone of your comments.
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