I know I have been slow on posting on the blog but I’m deeply sorry and I promise to do better.

Recently the quote ‘it’s a small world’ is started making a lot of sense to me. A whole lot of things happened this past week that made me shudder. You never know who is looking at you from a distance and might have written a short story of who you are and how you behave. This particular one caught me, when I was shooting for this post, I didn’t know people where watching. In fact,  they already made up stories about me and  I came across one of them randomly and she started with the unending questions which was a bit embarrassing but in all she appreciated me.

Back to this style post, here in Nigeria, the weather is really hot and the scorching sun is not helping at all. I can’t deal wearing long sleeves or any heavy clothing. I try as much as I can to choose comfort in my clothes, this is why my printed short dress came in a bit handy. I just threw the denim jacket over it cos I thought it was looking too plain. 
Let me know what you think of this! I also want to hear your ‘it’s a small world’ story.

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