Happy new year guys!! 2017 is here and all or most of us are ready to take on the world. We are all hyped about achieving a lot and setting new goals but this post is a reminder that you are solely responsible for your success this new year. Pray all you want, fast and even receive those prophecies in church with closed eyes and outstretched arms, then you lie down and refuse to take on the responsibilities, you will watch time fly and nothing would happen.

This is the year of taking up responsibilities. Don’t wish for people to make things happen to you, you have to take the decision to make things happen for you. Go ahead and set the goals, then swing in to action. Barrier and location is and cannot be the problem for whatever you hope to achieve. Write down you action plans and pay attention to details to know what and what you have acheved after the first quarter of the year,  that way you are keeping tracks and then commit your plans to God.

Enough of the Ted talks, these pictures were taken in the village on one of those sudden unplanned stroll and I got the slippers from mom lol.

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