blog loving!! Grace Alex

There are so many reasons we love grace, one of them is her creativity and hardwork. I can’t really place my hand on the right word to use without exaggerating but her creativity is out of this world!! This can be seen through her style and the different designs of gafa footwear.

Grace is a style blogger and a fashion entrepreneur being a founder of gafa clothing and gafa footwear. 

Don’t bother getting me roses and cards, don’t also kill my cell battery with your love messages this valentine, just head over to her instagram page and get me one or two pairs of gafa footwear.

I would describe her style as laid back, vintage and eclectic,  you can go over to her instagram page or visit her blog at and check out more of her style.

I stumbled on grace last year, through my instagram explore page and i have been wondering where she has been all this years.I haven’t met grace before but I have this feeling which can be wrong anyway that whenever I get to meet her, we will connect instantly and you might just think we have been bffs for a long time. 

I can say grace has really set a pace for upcoming fashion bloggers like my self to follow.

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