Happy New Month × January recap

This post was published yesterday but I was trying to upload pictures before I tell you guys about it, but it seems the pictures have a mind of their own and wouldn’t upload anyway, so I put it up like that.

I’ve heard a lot of people say January is the longest month of the year but it didn’t feel like that to me maybe because I didn’t have any major thing I did or something I can look forward to. I wanted to have a makeover and take awesome headshots for this post but that didnt happen thats why i would be using bunch of old pictures for this post. To me, it was just like any other month. One thing I wished I finished last month was my driving lessons, it’s been long gone and I keep procrastinating it but I hope to round it up this month.

Earlier today, I revisited my goals for the year and one major thing I wanted to work on was ‘myself’. I want to do better, work on laziness and procrastination.  This two deadly habits has dealt with me for a very long time but 2017 is the year I made a conscious decision to change. I also wished that I would start something to increase my source of income but that didn’t happen in January.

Well, here’s what my January looked like in summary

  1. Making: This lovely maxi dress,  am sure you’re gonna love it when I’m done. I would definitely do a style post for it.                                                    
  2. Eating: Like never before, I’ve never had bad eating habits till last month. I ate basically everything and my mom kept reminding me of how fat I will be if I kept eating that way but I didn’t mind. I started working out because I had it in one of my goals this year, but I stopped halfway cos arrrhgggh too stressful lol
  3. Playing: TD jakes I could listen to his messages all day
  4. Reading: The bible more. I read the bible more last month. I observed my quiet time more than I did last year and that has been really good
  5. Loving: Turbans. My mom has a collection of them so I share them with her. If you follow me on snap chat @_zuggy you might have probably seen lots of videos where I was wearing turbans                               
  6. Wishing: To finally start internship and get it over with, though I also feel I would get tired of the job halfway so I’m enjoying every bit of free time that I have now. Internship is a compulsory one year training for a pharmacist and some other medical professions. I also wish I can go out more that I usually do. The only places I go to is basically run errand for my parents, this might just be the fact that I don’t have friends around here. I wish I can connect more with people even much better with fashion bloggers.                                      

There you have it, basically what my January has been. How has yours been? Do share with me by commenting on this post.

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