Finally a style post! y’all remember when i said in my January recap, i was making a maxi gown, click incase you missed it HERE
i finally overcame laziness and finished the dress which i am using as an outfit post today. maxis are a great wardrobe haves but i woudnt say its a must have, but trust me on this one maxis give a great feel for the sunny scorching Nigerian weather. You dont want to wear something uncomfortable and maxis are what you need now. firstly maxis make you look older and more sophisticated, i remember midway shooting this and looking at the mirror, i couldnt believe i was the same damn person who just got out of a normal denim pants and loose top.

i wore mine with flats as a casual look but you can still wear the with wedge or stillettos depending on where you want to wear them too or just your mood. Maxis can be easily worn to the beach as an overall on your bikini or just to have a breezy feel.

the maxi dress if you noticed from the pictures can be worn in two different styles, i purposely made it this way to infuse versatility. Which style do you prefer and why? I would also like to know what you’re up to this weekend.

let me know by your comments

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