five fashion hacks that instantly make you look cool.

Fashion is simple. It’s not as complicated as we make it look. There are fashion basics you own that you tend to overlook but these same items can make you look cool in just a snap. Let’s jump right in.

  • Throw your denim jacket instead of wearing them

Just like i blogged in this post read it here, you to can take a tip from me. Going for an outdoor event and you don’t wanna wear denim, cool. You can throw it in and wear it as a cape. If the weather is also hot, I consider this point as a plus.

  • Wear your sneakers with a dress

Maxi dress, little black dress, or a skater dress all go with sneakers, white sneakers to be precise have a way of adding a cool vibe to your overall outfit. Sneakers mustn’t be worn to the gym or some sports event, it can be worn with a dress.  You should totally try this out.

  • Accessorize 

Never underestimate the power of you accessories. Earings, chokers, sunglasses, bags, necklace, and scarves can change your whole outfit in split seconds. You can switch from tying scarves to cover bad hair days to stylishly draping it over your neck

  • Wear baggy

Like fashion/style blogger hafymo, you also can style your baggy shirts or trouser without looking like something your grandparents wore in the 90’s. Gone are the days when we thought we should only be in well tailored clothes gummed to our body, I love free fitted/loose clothes because I choose comfort before fashion. Wearing baggy proportionally can make yh instantly look cool.

  • Experiment with colors

I’m pleading, give up wearing match colors already, it’s so 199.. Experiment with colors and find the one that fits you perfectly. It could be patterns, mixed prints, really bright and fun colors. Try it all till you get it.

That wraps it up. Tell me the fashion hack you will be trying on and when you do, tag me on all social media accounts let me see.

3 thoughts on “five fashion hacks that instantly make you look cool.”

  1. I should try the last tip! I’m a lover of ankara, but also as a law student have a strong love for black and white! Thankfully, I have some colourful pieces in my wardrobe.


    1. Law student can be pretty boring! I was a pharmacy student and I got bored wearing blue and pink for four years. I grew some wings in final year and said NO to uniforms. Colors work all the time


      1. No way! I believe law students are interesting lmao. When given the choice of black and white, your creativity comes out when you can work within the restrictions (our school isn’t strictly white top, black pants) We’re also allowed navy blue and grey


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