Monday inspiration|| The grass is never greener

‘Look at Jen, oh see how perfect her life is, she hardly puts in effort to life, but she owns everything I want and more’. Same with ify, see how perfect her family is, they are all progressing. Look how perfect and united they are, her parents gives her anything she wants. ‘ urrgh!! My life is such a mess, nothing is working. I wish I was born or living Jens life or born into ifys perfect family’

These thoughts flow through my mind frequently. They are followed up quickly with bitterness and hatred but this is the point where we miss it. we let a lot distract us so quickly, like this moment, you are living, you are happy, someone just gave you money but the next minute you are already comparing your income with someone else. We so easily forget all things that we have. We are easily carried away by what our neighbors own and focus on them right away forgetting what we have.

I came to tell you this that the grass is never greener from whatever glasses you are looking at it with or whatever angle you’ve chosen to look at Jen or ify’s life with. something really deep is going on in their lives that you are not seeing. they have a level of pain, disappointments, betrayal, and all sorts of things happening on the background. I will give you an example real quick; lets use a white painted house, the house is well painted, its so beautiful on the outside but the inside is a whole lot of messy, its got cement scattered all over the place, used nails, bricks, shattered glass, undone ceilings all on the inside but you don’t and wont see it unless you get permission to go inside. this example is likewise who you’re comparing your life with. theirs is not all fun filled after all. They have their issues on the inside but you will never get to know this because its not transparent. believe me, people look at the kind of life you live and wish theirs can be exactly like yours. they want to live your life, they feel they will be much happier if they have all the things you have.

My dad told me one truth i will never forget. He said some people are so good with publicity management. They make it look like you are carrying all of life problems on your head any sort of blessing you see someone enjoy comes with some level of burden, but when their life is opened up, you will be shocked on what they have to go through. well, what i have to say to you is that the grass is never greener on the other side. Quit believing those lies and focus on your life. focus on the good things you have, your both parents still taking care of you, your small apartment, your small job and the salary that comes e.t.c. focus on these things, be happy and be grateful

hey guys! another Monday inspiration. have you ever felt like this before? how did you get out of it? do share your thoughts with me.

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