style post|| Polo×mom jean

Fashion is simple and less is always beautiful, at least that’s the case with my style post this week. Fashion blogging is a struggle I tell ya, I can even compare this with a full scale salary 8-5 job. It needs to be demystified if you still think that fashion blogging or any other type of blogging is a walk in the park. It’s far from that honey, it’s equally exhausting and a lot of hard work.

This week’s style post is simple. Just throwing in a black Polo on my favorite mom jean. I felt different, like a goat in the midst of sheep. I wore this out and people couldn’t stop staring at me, they would walk past me and snap their fingers while moving it round their head in a God forbid manner at the same time. For my previous shoot, I would always get someone to drive me to the place or change at the venue where I will be shooting but all that failed me yesterday. Standing to get a bike to the venue with what I was wearing,  I felt someone should dig a hole and carry me inside grrrrhhh. I can’t for get that experience in a hurry. For where I stay, fashion  should be very appropriate, matchy and toned down.

Well, I restyled my mom jean with a simple Polo, chain necklace and a brown sandals. i think my froed hair helped too. i actually wished I got a fancy print on the polo but that failed awfully after the money and energy I had to put into it. i wore the mom jean before, incase you missed it Mom jeans trend

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
let me know your thoughts on this look, leave a comment!!!

3 thoughts on “style post|| Polo×mom jean”

  1. What were they staring and ‘God forbid-ing’ about? There’s nothing too shouty about the style o! I like it, though I’m sorry for your disappointment with your shirt. Wish I stayed where you stayed! I’d be down to take photos of you! I’m in Abuja


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