March × February Recap

I have dragged this post for so long. My bad! It should have been up on Wednesday but I didn’t squeeze out the time to draft and publish it. Well, March is here and we are almost running into the end of the first quarter and the realization of this got me asking a lot of questions and reviewing my goals for the year. I’m going to give my self a hit of credit as I’m equally progressing in overcoming laziness and procrastination.  I’m also equally grateful for waves of ideas radiating on my brain for the blog, my fashion and style and also my career which makes me very excited for my future.
So like I always do, I’m going to make a list of what I was up to in February and get to also know how yours was.

Wearing: I’ve been wearing out my natural hair lately, since I loosened my weaves and also getting lots of positive stares and questions about it which I enjoy everytime. I know there’s always a sparkle on my eyes when someone asks “is your hair natural?” Not that my hair is particularly long but it can at least do the high puff and a fro.

Making: A Long pleated skirt. I hope to complete this and publish a Gothic look I’ve been dreaming since

Listening: To this worship song “Tireni” by T.O.D, I don’t listen to songs most times but this particular one gets me everytime. I would make sure to insert the download link here

Wishing: To gt a vacation. I know how much I wished in my January recap, (read here incase you missed it) to get a job but I wrote an interview and realized that maybe getting an 8-5 might be a death trap but for my career, the internship is compulsory and not negotiable.

Eating: Less since I had diarrhea, I have lost appetite for most things and only eat when I’m really hungry.

Planning: To get a corset, fishnet and finish my DIY on patches and stones for my camo jacket. I can’t wait to share with you guys.

Hoping: To do a collaboration with a friend who is a fashion enthusiast and a stylist, this month though we’ve not had a theme yet.

I hope to hear how your February was. Leave me a comment!!!

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