Monday Inspiration|| Closure

    Closure is immediately associated with relationships and heartbreak

    but the closure I’m being particular about is far from that. I’m talking about life it self. Don’t sit there and act like your life has always been a straight line or life has never handed you lemons. We have had our own fair share of life troubles each and every one of us and most times we get caught up in these nets of confusion mixed with unanswered questions. We desire closure, we seek answers to why some our prayers have been unanswered,  why we failed that course or repeated the class after we’ve worked so hard.

    There are just so many questions we have unanswered and we seek closure to either find out where we got it wrong or if an unseen evil force had a hand in it. But have you for a second  you have put so much energy into seeking or desiring for it and you’ve failed to realize that life is slowly passing by.

    This Monday inspiration  is to redirect you, it’s to make you come into focus and quit asking questions that you may never get the answers to and work with what you have left.

    I hope this was helpful to you. Let me know what you think of ‘closure’ in the comment section.

    Also remember that God won’t use what you’ve lost to bless you but what you’ve got left- tweet this

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