Monday Inspiration|| The truth

Just this morning, I had a sudden realization. I would have suffered less if I had this knowledge since, I won’t be stressed out, save my money and lessened the headache of entering 2 buses on Nigerian bad road with traffic piling up makes me late every time for my doctors appointment. It would have saved me a lot if I knew the truth. Imagine having to stand through a long queue at the bank only to realize there is a shortcut for you. The joy, the freedom, the happiness that comes with this is immeasurable.

Nobody is a fan of long process, of protocols, of stress and hardship. We all love shortcuts. We all wish we knew a friend when there is a long queue at the bank, MTN registration office, NEPA office, and filing for your National ID card lol, I know being a Nigerian alone is full of stress. But amidst the struggle, What if I told you there is a short cut to life in general, to help ease the stress of being Nigerian for you, a shortcut for the depression, insomnia, ‘near success syndrome’, a short cut to arrive your destination earlier, to beat the queue of life? Won’t you gladly desire this shortcut? Won’t you jump on the offer with a slightest chance? I’m glad you said yes and you’re letting me lead you on this journey.

The bible puts it this way (John 8:32)- “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”                                            why do you think alcohol, weed, flying to Vegas, spending quality time with the ‘boo’ never gave you the ultimate satisfaction and the joy you were yearning for? Your parents couldn’t give it to you, money, fame, class couldn’t solve it but I’ve got good news for you.

I have the shortcut code. The code is Jesus. He’s the way, the truth and life. Accept him today and experience total joy, happiness that Is unexplainable.

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