Bloglovin|| Cassie Daves

Cassie Daves is a medical doctor,model, fashion entrepreneur, blogger, content creator and CEO of Cassie Daves blog planner that I mentioned here. Cassie inspires me a lot and her fashion style is definitely in consonant with mine. She started blogging while in med School which speaks volume to me. All the while, I was waiting to finish and get dome with pharmacy so I would finally run off and start my passion but look at someone who started while having to go through stressful wardrounds and still found a way to juggle it with her passion. Her story inspired and pushed me a lot to start out this blog.

The impossible you see is what someone else made possible- click to tweet.

I discovered her blog mid last year and I’ve been hitched since and what particularly drew me is her laid back style and her determined spirit and also having to find a health care professional doing the same thing I do.

I admire her writing skills, her persona, how she helps starters like me grow in blogging and how she dishes major style inspiration every time. You should totally check her blog at this point-

I introduced blog loving as a category in the blog to share with you blogs I love reading and reasons am stuck to them. Check the previous blog loving here.

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