Monday Inspiration|| Complainant

Are you one? Complains about Nigeria, about the economy. Once you hear anybody in the bus discussing about the Nigerian economy, you jump on it and curse the president. You complain about your parents not giving you enough attention and money, you complain of things being too hard for your family. You complain about every little thing and even when people tell you about your problem of complaining too much, you defend yourself. Your excuse being that you’re very vocal about your issues. You have no idea there are millions of people going through the exact thing you’re going through but they choose to be more happy that you. They chose not to dwell in bitterness, in regrets, poverty, anger. They chose happiness and they’ve chosen to dwell on enjoying life. It’s not like these set of people block out their issues and pretend like they don’t have one. If the pages of their lives are flipped over for you for just a minute, you will regret complaining and comparing your life with theirs.
The conclusion of the matter is to encourage you to move from a life of complaining to a life of happiness and thanksgiving.  Your life will be so much better if you make this transition. Quit complaining about life and the Nigerian economy and make the most out of every situation you find yourself. I won’t claim to know everything but one thing I know is the life I’m inviting you to try is much better that anger and bitterness. Whatever you’re going through is a stepping stone for greater heights.

There’s a lesson learnt from every adversity you’ve gone through.

I will be glad to hear your testimony when you try this out.

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