Happy New Month × March Recap(goodnews)

I wanted March to be slower because March for me was filled with laughter and good news. I had lots of reasons to smile and say if not for God, it would have been otherwise. I counted my blessings each day, looked back on where I’ve been and where God has picked me from, who am I to deserve such kindness and mercy? One of the reasons is that I finally got to travel this month, if you’re following me on insta stories and snap chat you would have seen my documentation of the journey. I really needed some time off and somewhere outside of my comfort . I also wanted to take pictures for the blog seeing I would be starting work this month. I stumbled on my goals for the year and ticked off some of them, I am glad I have accomplished some if the plans I had for the year.i also intend doing monthly goals from thus month to help track my progress. I really hope you are achieving all you’ve set out to do this year, it’s the 4th month already, so go get it done and quit procrastination.
So here Is a summary of what I was up to in March.

  • Wishing– I finished my internship already and may be conquering ne territories. I really wish I can go back to my young and free days. The ‘ADULT’ life is stressful.
  • Making – Nothing new except a diy post I have been compiling for some time on patches.  I hope I get done with it as soon as possible.
  • Eating – basically snacking and soft drinks these days which is not very healthy but it’s not like I have options
  • Listening – to ‘he turned it’ by tye tribett. This song has been on replay and you should download it too. It’s a praise break song, if you’re like me and you enjoy African American songs with such energy then you will love this one by tye.
  • Feeling – Tired. I have 364 more days for this routine
  •  Wearing – A lot of vintage lately. You already know that’s my goto style. I wore one to work today and people were looking at me crazy.
  • Reading – Nothing. I need motivation to read. If y’all can suggest any good read that would make me stay glued to it, please recommend.

Ps:  I’m grateful you read to this part as I promised to share a good news on the post. Many of you here don’t know I’m a pharmacist and we have to do a compulsory one year internship which I should have started last year after graduation if not for a little delay I had but the good news is that I started my internship at NAUTH yesterday YAAAAYYY!!!! 😂:) and guess where my first posting was HIV clinic. Urrgh! 😥 This also means that my free days are over.

I would love to hear how your March was and your new April goals. I hope to blog as good as before with my new schedule and work.


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