Hair|| Natural Hair Care (All you need to know)

    I took some of these pictures while working in the lab earlier today.

Hello, natural hair lovers! I have been asked this question several times; How do you comb your hair? Isn’t it so painful? How do you get to manage your natural hair?  Sometimes in addition to these questions, depending on the person it’s added with disgusted faces and various head tilting. This is exactly my situation. The reaction am getting from this random lady sitter beside me in the salon. ‘You people have time and strength’, ‘I’m tired of women going to the 90’s to pick up what our grandmother’s have done and are already tired of doing’, she is definitely so sure I’m getting my hair relaxed soon. Hold up woman, I know natural hair requires a lot of attention and care but so does your babies, anything you love dearly is in need of your time, money, energy and attention. Well, I’m going to dive right in and answer your questions.

  • Do you comb your hair? If yes, how do you do it so it could be less painful?

Ans: I hardly comb my hair. I do so on special occasions. I normally detangle with my  using oil or just water. If I must comb my hair, I make sure it’s well moisturized, that way it gets really soft and never painful.

  • What products do you use and how do you take care of your hair?

Ans: just like every other naturalistas, you have your normal wash day. I would list the products I use and my procedure which might be different or the same with the usual you know. I’m not a product junkie, so I have few natural products I use which has been working for me. So for my wash day, I use the following; oils (sheabutter, castor oil, olive oil), egg, satin bonnet or shower cap, soap, warm water, leave in Conditioner.



  • First step: This is a warm oil treatment. I start by dividing my hair through sections. I do this so it could be easier for me to handle. I mix all the oils I use together in different proportions using my discretion. I warm the oil a little bit but not to boiling point. The oil is then placed in hot water, I start by massaging these oils in to my hair and twisting. This is a great way of detangling hair as it softens your hair. After I’m done massaging the hair with oils and twisting, I cover with a shower cap, which ever on you may have at your disposal though.  I carry this for a minimum time of 30 minutes. You might carry yours longer.
  • Second step: I wash my hair also in sections. I use black soap (dudu-osun) and warm water to wash my hair. I would recommend this soap to every naturalista because it contains little or no chemicals, it foams really well and it can last for months depending on how many times you use it. It’s really great for natural hair. I also wash my hair in sections so I could wash thoroughly and effectively. I wipe with a clean towel and proceed to the next stage.
  • Third Step: I start my protein DC here (deep conditioning). For my protein DC, I use only egg white. I beat the egg white and start applying it into my hair in sections too. For some reason, I leave out my scalp when I use eggs except I have to use soap again on my hair.                                  I rub the egg white in and twist the hair. Then I cover my hair using the shower cap and let it stay for 30 minutes too. You can let it stay for a longer time. Don’t worry about the egg drying out on your hair because it never does. The shower cap helps retain heat and keeps it warm.
  • Final Stage: I rinse the egg out of my hair. I don’t use soap for this. I just make sure there are no traces if egg left on the hair. Then I use the same oils I used for my warm oil treatment to lock in moisture before I apply my dark and lovely leave in hair conditioner.

That’s all I do for my wash day. Every other question you have would be answered in the comment section. I really hope this post was super helpful to you. Let me know if this post was helpful and also leave your questions here.

11 thoughts on “Hair|| Natural Hair Care (All you need to know)”

  1. Ghost reader turned human alert!!
    Lol…your hair is beautiful and I like your simple routine.Dudu Osun soap is a no no for me,it left bad experiences.


  2. loved this! lol people swear that when someone has 4c hair then it automatically means that it’s unmanageable. when that’s never the case. I wouldn’t change my hair type for nothing. You’re is beautiful though


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