Monday Inspiration|| Sweet Equity

I would like to share an inspiration from Bishop jakes (you guys should know already that I’ve got mad love for Bishop jakes, you can read it when I wrote about my January recap ­here) to help you kick start your week and it could be helpful for the rest of this month. I would summarize it briefly here; I used to think as a baby christian that whatever I need or want is sorted in the place of prayer without any effort coming from my part. I thought once I prayed it’s been settled forever. Well, I’m not trying to discredit the power of prayer but time and growth made me understand that hardwork plays it’s part as well. It can’t all be prayer and no hardwork. You can’t pass that exam without reading but just praying.  Whatever you sow, you shall reap. Religion made me place this scripture side by side with money. Whenever I hear it, I knew money was involved but time and growth also taught me that it clearly said whatever and that’s how it should be. It taught me that whatever could be money, time, diligence, help e.t.c. it doesn’t matter what you sowed. You will reap it. It’s more of a principle though, the measure you sow that you will receive. Read an excerpt from bishop jakes message titled “sweet equity” “You can’t use prayer to replace laziness. No investment means no return. To whom much is given, much is required. God wants to grant you the desires of your heart and see you blessed beyond measure but what sweet equity are you willing to put in to receive your miracle? He requires an investment from you. The miracle comes in your discomfort! Our prayers to God are not a menu from which we can simply order blessings and breakthroughs. God has to see you put some sweat in it and it will be at that point he will step in and perform the miracle. You will reap what you sow into your promise. Galatians 6:7 Do not be misled-you cannot mock the Justice of God, whatever you plant, you harvest.

Have you sown seeds of laziness, pride, expectation or entitlement? Or have you sown seeds of humility, patience, gratitude and love while you wait? A man that doesn’t work, doesn’t eat (2 thessalonians 3:10) – put the work in and watch God meet you and multiply your efforts in a way you cannot imagine.


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