Style Post|| Beret × Ankara 

Please forgive my inconsistent self on the blog lately. I’ve had lots of things going on for me all at the same time and I’ve barely had time for myself, you know an alone time . I’ve been occupied with a lot of things lately and I’ve not found time to shoot awesome looks I’ve been nursing in my mind. I’m so thankful I shot this look when I was young and free. Seriously, I wasn’t prepared to being an adult. I miss the days where I wake up with just what to eat as my major issue, the days Ideas raced through my mind, the times I had to think about new ways to style my clothes. I really miss those days but I had to transition. These few adult days have also made me realize I should be grateful for each passing stage of my life. You definitely gonna miss those days when you move on.

There’s something Parisian about beret. Well, I’m not sure but I would like to think the art of wearing beret has its root from French. We’ve been seeing The beret comeback a lot lately from fashion bloggers and it even made its way to the Paris fashion week early this year. I themed this look a Parisian look, you can connect the dots already. The Ankara skirt is from way back and this couldn’t have been combined any better. I like that it gives off a hippy and a french look all at the same time.

Would you try on the beret look? If yes, kindly share how you would style your beret. I’m really grateful for all your comments. Keep them coming!

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