Monday Inspiration|| Lessons.

These past few weeks taught me the most vital lesson of life. I’ve learnt to appreciate life more than the chase or desire for material things. Trust me, there’s nothing fun about working in a hospital. I’m face with patients who have a great desire to breathe the air I’m breathing. They are not after my clothes or shoes. They just want to take a step out of the hospital, they wanna walk again without assistance. It made me think that whatever I’m after or think would make life easier and better doesn’t really matter. You have life, breathing without an oxygen tank, walking without clutches is enough. It’s enough that you have these things. The easier life you’re looking for will come when you appreciate the things you’ve always taken for granted.

Learn to appreciate life, the most little of them all. The free oxygen, free sight, free spoken words you say everyday. Many crave for that.

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