April Recap (work fashion) and My May Goals

April was my busiest months so far since this year. I barely had time to relax as it was mostly work and more work weekends inclusive.I spent my most of the weekends traveling for work and training. I was stressed on every side but in all I’m grateful. I remained teachable, humble to the best of my knowledge on every side. I felt a downside on the achievement graph and this makes me feel very sad. I feel I should have done and achieved more for my fashion career since I started the blog but being a pharmacist, an OAP ( insert squirmy) will not let that side prosper but oh well, we keep pushing and moving it.

April was a month I had to adapt and adjust my seemingly lazy self. I dealt with procrastination. I’m not where I plan to be yet but I know I’m also not where I use to be. My work fashion in April was mostly vintage and laid back. My colleagues called me weird because I told them that baggy stuff makes me comfortable. I don’t consider myself as a girly lady but at I’m not a Tom boy either. My fashion like y’all know already is laid back and mostly vintage. My capsule wardrobe is filled with vintage prints and pleated skirts and that describes my comfort zone. This fashion sense of mine sipped in to my daily work fashion and trust fashionistas to stare at me. I believe it’s one thing to find your fashion zone, it’s a different ball game to be courageous and defensive at it if need be.

Like the previous monthly recaps, here is a summary of my April feels.

  • Wearing: mostly vintage, prints and floral because it’s spring season!
  • Eating: snacks. This got to change. I’ve had terrible eating habits last months and i couldnt eat a home cooked meal 3 times a day without sausage and coke. I know tge bad medical consequences of eating badly yet my knowledge doesbt make me do better. May will be a step in good eating habits for me
  • Listening: to ‘He turned it’ by tye tribett who is my favourite gospel artist at the moment. This can change in May though, I suck at having one favourite thing. It changes with season and moods.
  • Wishing: I can place my hands on fishnets and finally bring all my style ideas to pictures and reality.😩
  • Thinking: about random ideas about to hit the blog really soon. I reaaly wish i can get my hands on a photographer soon
  • Thankful: for family. You guys might not fully understand why I’m so passionate about my family. I might not show them off so often or at all on social media but I’m so grateful to God for life, love and unity amongst us.
  • Needing: a VACATION. I honestly need some time alone to refill. I’m already looking forward to making major trips this year alone. You read alone out loud right? You might be wondering why not with friends or family but honestly alone island is where I really want to be.

I already envision what MAY would look like. It’s gonna be filled with laughter, hopefully a break urrgh from the norm, shoot blog pictures (Lord bless me with a photographer😂) , work on my vocabulary, do lots of collaboration with other fashion, beauty and hair outlets, make friends. Speaking of collaborations, I’m gonna drop my email link right here (tcheezugo@gmail.com) send me a mail for any collaboration and product reviews. It’s about time already and I’m always at your service.

PS: let me know what you got up to in the previous month and your plans for May. I’m dying to read your plans and stories. Leave a comment. Xoxo!!!

2 thoughts on “April Recap (work fashion) and My May Goals”

  1. April was a very lazy month for me. I wake up daily by 8,o’clock since resumption and this is a habit am struggling to break but I know May would be a better one that would involve energy and stress from lecture hassles. I love your blog btw especially the Monday inspirations. Keep brainstorming!!


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