Fashion Flash back|| bucket hats.

Fashion Flash back or the reverse flash back fashion is a new segment on the blog where I get to post pictures and write about fashion from the past that are making statements and sipping through everyday fashion. I intend to take you back on fashion from the 80’s as well as 90’s fashion which bloggers and fashionistas are recreating and restyling in to a more fabulous and stunning wear. The frequency of running this segment is yet undecided as I’m in between posting every Friday or making it twice a month, help me out here guys… For the first fashion item I’m predicting is the fun, flirty bucket hats. Everyone born from the 90’s is familiar with this hats. It’s been worn around by people who only know style basics. I remember seeing this hat then on petty traders, Okada riders and brick layers who use it as support. Remember the bucket hats with strings on them? 😂😂 it used to be a wardrobe staple back then but later months of 2016 took me by surprise when I spotted fashion content creator and style blogger grace alex who I’ve featured on my blog loving series (click  here incase you missed it) wearing a floral bucket hat with a mom jean. It brought back a goose feeling for me and immediately I knew people were beginning to accept it as a fashion favourite. I also saw the buck hat on Chris Brown’s “loyal” video featuring tyga and Lil Wayne. Bucket hats have a fun, young and no true feelings aura that can magnet you when you spot someone wearing it. It’s so versatile which is why you don’t have to stick to wearing it to the beach or pool side party. Switch it up totally to a spring floral look or stick with the neutral as I’m wearing to achieve a hipster look. Styling the bucket hat was a no brainer for me, I immediately knew how I wanted to look when the thought flew in my head➡ hipster! You already know this! Which is why I opted to go with the chain necklace, bangles of different types, a back pack, ripped and frayed denim then my mom’s hand me down( technically, she doesn’t know this yet😂). Below are my helpful tips for styling bucket hats

  1. Shop: purchasing the perfect size and color for bucket hats is the first crucial step to victory with this literally. I remember going to 3 different thrift stores but they couldn’t understand what I explained till I showed them a picture. Your phone will come in very handy when you plan shopping for bucket hats. I would have preferred floral if I saw any but the closest to it was leopard print which was a big NO for me. I settled for this one at #500 (I still feel cheated though). Make sure you try it on before buying so you won’t get disappointed looking like a party clown!
  2. Sun glasses: the bucket hats no matter how big they might seem is never perfect for harsh sunny weather. I remember shooting this and I could literally feel my face burning. Get sunglasses instead. It’s not a fashion crime to wear sunglasses and bucket hats at the same time.
  3. Athleisure/sneakers: Like fashion blogger grace alex, bucket hats look well put together when worn with sneakers but you can play around with your foot wear till you find the best option.
  4. Accessorize: This might depend on the look you’re going for, beach and pool parties might require minimum or no accessories at all but when you want to look like a south African rapper, my accessories could work. You can also throw in a choker and you’re good to go!

There you have my fashion flash back. I would love to get you’re feed back. Would you try the bucket hat? How would you style it? What are your thoughts on this segment and how I styled my bucket hat?

5 thoughts on “Fashion Flash back|| bucket hats.”

  1. Oh My!! You look so beautiful. Yay to bucket hats even though I don’t have one yet. And yes Grace Alex is a fashion goddess!


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