My best for Met Gala

This post should have come two weeks ago if only I studied all the redcarpet looks on my free time instead of sleeping. It seems these days, I’d rather sleep or spend time indoors than hangout with friends. I’m really terrible at so many things especially turning down appointments and making silly excuses. Well, talking of silly excuses which is why I’m so late at putting up this post. I’ve no excuse whatsoever.

I got interested in met gala few years ago when I started out my fashion adventure which prior before this time, I had no idea what in hell met gala was. I love seeing videos from the redcarpet and my imaginations going wild with the thought that one day I would be on a proper redcarpet and not the one we see in schools, the one with a yard of dirt carpet and a fake back drop lol. I’d love to be in a proper one someday surrounded with my style team and interviewed my Terrence j or Tosin Odunfa with my best angled poses (that’s a story for another day)

For the met gala, undoubtedly the celebrities brought their A-game but it’s necessary I tell you that whatever they brought wasn’t enough for me and for fashion analysts who would agree with me. Every year, the met gala which is an annual fundraising event for the benefit of metropolitan institute of arts has an annual theme and celebrities or the attendants stick to the theme with whatever they are wearing. This year’s theme were the designers ‘Rei kawakubo/ Comme des Garçons: Art of the inbetween’ Met gala is a daring redcarpet which fashion techs, athletes, actors and actresses decide to be daring with their outfits but this year saw more sexy fits than daring. Zendaya was close but I think Rihanna did it for me this year. She looked stunning in Commes des Garçons and jewelry by Rihanna Loves Chopard, Le Vian and DVANI jewelry. She was the only attendee to wear the designer. Rihanna is one style icon and who is very futuristic with her fashion choices both on the redcarpet and street style and she has stayed winning on all met gala themes over the years and this year was no exception. Her style team should be given an award already. She went all out for that theme and slayed flawlessly. It took her an hour to get into those shoes and it left me wondering how much longer it took for the dress and makeup. Her dress has an amazing artistic floral power attached to it, her makeup with the shouty blush appeared like we are watching a runway show.

Particularly for me, I don’t know if I would be as daring as Rihanna someday but I would definitely give recreate one of her street fashion sooner.

there you have my best dressed for the met gala, did Rihanna do it for you or you’d just pass? Let’s get interactive! Drop your comments below.

7 thoughts on “My best for Met Gala”

  1. Lol…Looks like I have never heard of Met gala. I think I would pass on Rihanna style…She doesn’t really do it for me fashionwise,I don’t know why people swear about her…or maybe I just need a new pair of glasses. Lmao


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