Monday Inspiration|| NSG’s Story.

“So I received an email from ‘a silent reader’ saying he’ll like to sponsor my first vacation outside the country now that I have a passport. I was in shock, but I never believed because people often mail to promise one or two things then go incommunicado. He asked that I pick a date & we agreed on a destination.

Two, three mails later, I sent my passport details & next thing that followed was a ticket confirmation for a 5-day stay in Zanzibar in my mailbox.

My head was spinning. My chest was heavy & I was literally gasping for breath. I called my friend, S, and screamed. I said this is the most exciting thing that has happened to me since I got my Bsc.

My brain which is used to processing information like “To save cost in a journey from Oshodi to IMAX in Lekki, should you take 2 danfos & one okada at Lekki Phase 1 Gate or 2 danfos and a uber at Lekki Phase 1 Gate “

was now struggling to process,

“Since your ticket says there’s a 12 hour stopover at Addis Ababa, does this mean you can brag about visiting Tanzania and Ethiopia when you return, after all you have never been to Ogun State but you tell people you have because your night vehicle to Lagos once had a 5 hour stopover at Sagamu”

The information was too much for my brain and I.

One minute you are picking beans at home for Sunday breakfast and the next minute your digestive system is getting ready to process Zanzibar’s jollof rice. I went to wash my face with cold water.

I was still unable to calm down. I called my sister and cried “YOUR SISTER IS TRAVELLING ABROAD OHHHH!”. Then she started asking, “How manage? Have you blown? Who got it for you? What did you do? What for?” She does not know I am behind naijasinglegirl so I promised to call back to explain when I have a better lie. Lol.

So ladies and gentlemen, #NSGTakesZanzibar on the 15th of June.

NSG is an anonymous blogger and the author of 29 and single which is a fast selling book as far as am concerned since it was published. I stumbled on her blog after I read a pop up link on my screen about her Nigerian natural hair which was hysterical. I smiled and grinned at that post, I think I read that post twice just so I can laugh again and since after that I’ve been glued to her blog. She is one that has an effortless way of making people laugh. She doesn’t believe she’s a comedian but you can literally burst in to laughter in the middle of a mall or in a quiet office by reading her notes and journals. I don’t know how NSG started her blog and managed to stay consistent through the years.

Her story has inspired me in so many ways. NSG found a breakthrough in her blog. She has never traveled outside Nigeria before but unexpectedly from nowhere, this dropped at her laps. An all expense paid vacation guys! There are days when I read her posts and feel really bad and need to lend a helping hand but even in her trial moments, she still find a way to insert a comic relief to it. She’s one person that has been through a lot in this life journey for a job and house hunt. Her story is a story of consistency, dedication, determination, perseverance and hard work. It inspires to know I’m on the right track. There are times when I run out of ideas, when I feel like throwing in the towel, when hell is breaking loose but her story made me to hold on and keep it moving. I like to always use bishop jakes sermon as a reference. This one is titled ‘GO BLIND’ which is a story of a blind man healed by Jesus by mixing spit and clay (y’all remember this story right?  Check mark 8:23 if you can’t) he explained further in this sermon that you gotta go blind when you see your future is blurry, when you don’t see any reason to push further. You have to start that blog,  that podcast, blog,  business when you don’t have the necessary capital, or when helpers rejected your idea. You have to forge ahead with your plans and watch God change things and make a way for you.

This is to someone who feels like giving up on the search for a Job and a better life, to someone who feels like their hard work is not yielding enough. Stay strong, keep at it, something big is coming your way!

3 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration|| NSG’s Story.”

  1. Amen!! I love the way you used NSG’s story to create this beautiful piece with lessons. When I first read the story, I was so happy for NSG,like the feeling was just as if it happened to a family member.I just love her.
    Back to the post,we can only ask for the grace to push further in order to see what the future has in store for us.
    P.S: You write beautifully.


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