Monday Inspiration|| Quitters


The title of this post is born out of my frustration and the need to be self motivated, to push my self further to a better place.

I just typed this post halfway and i was having a quick conversation with my mum and before i could say jack robinson and turned to my phone, the whole epistle wiped off. I blamed the devil without blinking lol. Well, i guess i have to write the few i can remember.
It would be very insensitive and stupid of me btw if i dont apologise squarely for being absent for too long. I think this is the longest ive been off the blog and i regret every bit of it. The reason for this is not far fetched. I have 2 full time jobs. This will be story for another day but i believe is not good for an excuse to totally abandon my blog. I hope to seal this apology with a style post. I believe I’m forgiven anyway so lets jump right to the post.

“Winners never quit and quitters never win” well, that statement is cliche to most of us as its been used by most motivational speakers at least I know from my secondary school, I heard that repeatedly. This time I’m coming with a twist and some angle you’ve never seen it described. A dream is nurtured, planned and constantly worked on to become a reality but often times we get too excited and easily forget that making our dreams reality require more than jumping, screaming and getting exhilarated when you get hold of it. For your dream to become reality, you need to get past the euphoria and get busy. You can’t start something and get in the middle of it and say you’re tired. It’s better not to even start out at all.

You have the dream, let’s imagine the future of that dream is still somewhat blurry. You cant see the future or the end properly but you know how to start, how to go about it but you still have your confusion. That confusion is needed to help you put together a plan. Get a layout of how you’re getting started, make strategic and achievable goals; long term and short term goals, get your vision straight and move on. Remember to whom much is given, much is required. You can’t say yes to the dream and say No to hardwork. You might not have all the time you need to get everything in place. You might need to take on jobs and multitask. You have to take the bitter with the sweet, the blessing and the burden and keep smiling and walking. If anyone ever told you it’s gonna be a smooth ride, slow and easy, they lied to you. It’s never going to be but time changes everything. You would look back and write your story in marble.

Get on with it honey, don’t let anybody surrounding you make you feel like you’re wasting time and you’re being too ambitious. Things will fall into place.

Ps: who missed me?😂😂

5 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration|| Quitters”

  1. I tend to get depressed easily because I think of so many things I started and I didn’t complete and so many others I was unable to start so I needed this word so much… Thank you.
    No matter how frustrated you are feeling KC, you would bounce back in no-time,even stronger cos you are a mighty woman who is able to achieve whatever she wants if her mind is put to it.

    Sending plenty hugs to you.
    I missed you oo BTW🙋
    P.S: My first comment deleted itself,now we are even.


    1. Thank you somgolibe. Your comment honestly came when I needed it the most and I missed you too. It’s alright to feel sad or cast down when you are not able to fish what you started but it’s not enough to stay feeling that way. You can create the change you desire dear. Thank you again!!


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