June × May recap

Happy new month you guys!! Yes I know it’s coming really late but it’s better late than never right? Well, June is the end of the first half of the year and if it puts any extra pressure on you than the one you’re already feeling then don’t worry,  take it slow, everything will eventually fall into place.

I already have a feeling about June, not just a feeling but I already have my plans and goals already laid out not just for the blog but for life generally which I will be sharing after my May recap.

May was an amazing month, a bit nerve-racking had to bother about a lot which put me understand intense pressure. I was on a shaky line and I had the ultimate decision in my hands to choose between honesty or straightforwardness or to choose lie or cheating and play along with my colleagues. Everyday was unknown, I just got up and went about work. I slept in the worse places both hot and cold. You know it really looks cozy, green and envious when you are part of the audience or the spectator not knowing how hard it is to take the Centre stage. Well, I would say I took the Centre stage in May. There was a division between people betting on that I fail and a lesser number for folks cheering me up but I’m glad to say God has been super faithful and never let his word come back to him without fulfilling destiny. I came out stronger, better, wiser and beautiful. I know it seems like I’m talking in parables 😂😂 but whatever I said up there was as real as I said it. Without further ado, I would go ahead and summarize my May for you below;

  • Wishing- I finally take a vacation. That’s one dying need I’ve always had since the stress threw me off-balance. Any little time I get in June,  I will go on a short vacation ALONE. I need some alone time, away from every other person. It would be just me and my thoughts put together. Also wishing I get someone to take pictures of me this June for the blog. People around here feel taking pictures with a camera is stupid but I pray daily against that mindset lol. I also wish I prayed more in May. I wake up tired most times and I end up mumbling few words which I don’t count as prayer but my hopes are up for June though
  • Eating- I ate weirdly in May. My feeding was very irregular as I snacked a lot and ate at odd hours. June doesn’t look different anyway because I found my self craving for chin-chin since the past month which is not healthy as I’m looking to have more abs before the year ends.
  • Listening- Travis Greene “you waited” y’all get that song. It’s truly inspiring and motivating. Travis Greene always does it for me in all his songs and this song have been on repeat
  • Wearing- flats. They are my new found fashion love and I hope to get more pairs added to my shoe wardrobe and I hope to get from gafa sandals or you can recommend any other good brand. I will sure check them out.

That’s the summary of my May right there and moving over to June, I’m currently in a desert you guys for my 1 month rural posting which is part of my internship. I’m currently slaving away here because work, but this is the part. Contrary to popular belief in Nigeria about rural areas getting all the attention from the power holding company, it’s the reverse here. There’s terrible lighting, poor network signal, and the loneliness that comes with it. I already have my count down calendar but on the flip side, i have a lot of time and hopefully, I get to take lots of pictures here. June is definitely going to be my resting month and I can’t keep calm.

How was your May? Was it as hitched as mine? What are your plans for June?  I want to hear all the stories, my ears are itchy already. Drop your comments below!

3 thoughts on “June × May recap”

  1. Awwn,very apt writing… May was a depressing month for me, I stopped all social media connection only made us of gmail and read blogs. I stopped talking to people, I started skipping classes,I started staying indoors always and eating once daily for no just cause.
    On the first day of June,I told myself that I would not be carrying any depressing habit over so as to enjoy all the blessings God has in store for me this month.
    Yay!! I am doing fine now and I hope it continues to be.
    P.S: I had always since the last six,seven years had a problem with June and I think it was because of the fear,I started acting up in May.

    Wishing you all the very best as well as God’s divine presence.


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