Skin Care is overrated!

“Apply with the applicator on your face, twice daily. Mix the lotion with green tea oil or if you can get your hands on almond oil, it works better. Don’t sleep with it and never allow it stay for over ten minutes. Always wash with our durable black soap and it will leave your skin glowing like never before.”

“Don’t throw away the placenta after childbirth, it improves your skin after you boil without any seasoning and feed on it like your life depends on it. Don’t share it with someone or bury it, that’s old practice”

“This is our remedy here, has worked in over a thousand women, they dwell on it and practice judiciously and they come running with their testimonies. Stick with our superb diet plan because we at Skin glow Ltd specialize on skin care and nutritional plan with skin benefits”

You might have had one or two of these conversation with ladies where you ask some or one of them their skin care routine and the list is an unending one which might cost you your rent with some other bills added to that.

These are similar stories from women who have been running from pillar to post trying to figure which sunscreen fits or what tanning cream to use or what lotion matches my skin best. Is it just me that feels skin care is overrated in this country. I was in a cosmetic shop just recently and a pretty dark lady walked in. Her chief complaint was that she needed a lotion that would make her skin color come out well, I just said this in her exact words. I was stunned! What color is hidden or there’s a dye somewhere that emits her original color underneath and needs some certain stimulation to start production. I am not understanding again! Lol. Here is the problem, we keep looking for the solution for our acne dark spots, uneven skin tone and forget to own our bodies the way they are. We all have our imperfections but in the midst of all of that, how about embracing what’s perfect? I’ve always had some dark spots from when I was younger and I kept running to a cosmetologist and I even had to go to a dermatologist at some point. It gave me serious care and concern. It troubled me and this trouble fed my inferiority complex till one day I decided to own it. I wore the skimpy bum shorts and mini skirts you can imagine and totally got out of my fear zone.

Well, I just know skin care is really overrated in Nigeria and the only natural filter for my skin which I need now is MONEY. Money will be my skin care routine when y’all start asking what lotion I use which will be said unapologetically.

Ps: lifestyle is a new segment I introduced on the blog today to share my thoughts with you and also hear what you have to say about it. It’s also like my personal diary.Style lately is Both a fashion and lifestyle blog so I’m looking forward to the fun!

Photo credit: The luxury spot

3 thoughts on “Skin Care is overrated!”

  1. Hahaha… I think lifestyle as a new segment would be dope if it already has started on this note.
    Anyway,about skin care,I never had a routine even though I tried so many stuff for my dry,dehydrated skin.This also led to a lot of self loathe and depression I am still struggling to do away with but in all things, that is my identity and my uniqueness and so I have no choice but to accept ME.


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