5 Makeup Tips For Humid Weather

It practically Rains every day of June with little or no ray of sunshine.       While I enjoy the weather at night regardless of the incompetence of NEPA, I always get to enjoy my sleep all covered, thanks to the chilly weather u get to enjoy every night. Well, asides its pros, the rainy season has its bad sides while I would never crave for it. NEPA finds a reason not to function at all, water poodles almost on every road and thus parts hurts deep in my soul because I’m still the overseer of the leggedez Benz ministries and all these other cars don’t hesitate to splash water on you.
Most rainy days, all I really wanna do is step out with my bare face with no makeup on and embrace the feeling of love and calmness surrounded by pleasant atmosphere but then I’m reminded that no makeup in this region is synonymous with poverty and besides I’m not carrying the Nigerian struggles on my head so I quickly put on some make up.
For the blog post today, I will be sharing phenomenal makeup tricks I’ve used and practiced diligently and it has worked and promises to continue working so long as rainy season is concerned, and being a generous person, I felt it could be helpful to someone.

  1. Go with vibrant colors like I said earlier, there is a little chance for the sun so you might want to choose brighter colors in place of nude colors. I would prefer these bright colors for the lips but you can choose nude eyeshadow If you must stick to nude. Choose colors like pink, Red, orange, green e.t.c
  2. Stick with matte- I’ve tried using my wet sticky lip balm but it gave me the weirdest feeling ever. It just doesn’t work out right. The last thing you want to do is put on a lip gloss this season. You’re not going to like how it feels especially if you’re like me that smacks third lips together every ten minutes. Stick with matte, that way you feel it less.
  3. Highlight and contour- Go all out with your makeup. I don’t have a setting spray for makeup which means I have to literally stay in an air-conditioned environment if I must go with a full face beat because of the sun hitting my face and having to sweat profusely but Luckily for me, I hardly sweat on my face but to avoid all that drama, I put on a regular make up but thus weather has provided me with all the air conditioning I need so whenever I find the time, I glam up.
  4. Primer- before you start the glam up, choose a suitable primer which will serve as a base for you makeup and prevent it from smudging up, also gives a refreshing look when your makeup up isn’t messy.
  5. Don’t sleep with makeup on most nights in this season is really cold which will tempt you to give up having a shower which is alright but the days I feel tempted or too cold to have a cold shower, I try my possible best to wipe my face using a facial or makeup cleanser or you can use olive oil for this. It works perfectly.

I hope these tips were super helpful besides what you knew before. If you have more makeup tips, feel free to share.


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