Oh happy day!!

I’ve been dying to get a proper manicure or at least get my nails done in a local saloon. I got exhausted of how untidy my nails have been for over six months or close to a year and this desire of mine has been left starving because of work and laundry but this craving got resurrected this month for my rural posting. On the contrary, the rural posting (which I plan to dedicate a blog post to), I have a lot of time on my hands here  because of the minimal population of patients that visits here but then I’m not allowed to leave in case of
emergencies which can be very frustrating.

I’ve always loved the aesthetics of the picture above, and bloggers have been on that binge for a while so I hoped to join in the bandwagon. It was not the smoothest sail getting my nails done. I’m not very patient with wiring for nail polishes to dry off my nails which makes it almost impossible not to get it smudged and dirtier than how it looked before.
I hurried the lady up and i panicked to and fro down the saloon swinging my nails in a pendulum manner all to get it to dry faster as it was a local saloon without a nail dryer. I asked the lady if it was dry yet and she said I could get to my bus stop while I leave the nails to keep drying. I protected these nails with my life literally as I struggled to get a seat beside the window which I eventually did and I had that ‘you’ve made it in life’ kinda feeling. I reached my destination with little dent and I settled down and admired my nails a bit and I got too excited but in the midst of my exhilarating smile, I got burdened with the village I’m in. Will my chief pharmacist complain about the nails? Will the patients freak out on seeing them and judge me further? Will my 100 yards of wife material I’ve been managing reduce? Urrgh! Hopefully notd

4 thoughts on “Oh happy day!!”

  1. Hahaha… You are now thinking of all those things after the nails had been painted.. Hmmn that most really be the voice of the enemy…lol😂

    Don’t fright love, nothing would happen.
    P.S: If the nails is that in the picture,its beautiful…the color🔥


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