DIY|| Fringed belt


From fringed shoes and sandals to fringed bags, fringed denim. The fringed trend was a big hit since last year and it has totally come to stay. I saw the fringed belt once on mocheddah and I couldn’t stop thinking about it since then. I couldn’t afford it when it was sold by her on instagram and I thought well, I can just make mine. I thought of a simple tutorial which is near to being the perfect fringed belt and I wish to share it on the style post today. The fringed belt also has a way of taking a simple outfit from stage 1 to a 100. Let’s kick-start this already.

Things that you need.

  • A torn or old leggings preferably a leather fabric
  • Needle and thread
  • A pair of hook
  • Scissors and a razor

                        STEP 1

Rip the leggings apart but cutting through the seams using a razor, separate the seams at both ends and also the crotch area till you get a single straight piece.

                    STEP 2

Using scissors to cut through the leggings to get individual pieces, remember to stop at the waist which will serve as a base for the hook. When cutting, use your description to know the size for the individual piece. For mime,  though not measured I didn’t want it to be so tiny.

                      STEP 3

Knot each end, and look for a seam on the waist and cut through this place. This step might not be so necessary but if you insist on adding a hook, you can cut the seam and sew a hook to it and do this in right measurement to your waist. Since the leggings I used has a rubber attached to it already, I didn’t bother with the hook.

                          STEP 4

This is the final stage, I added a little flavor to my fringed belt by braiding it through (joining three pieces together)

There you have your fringed belt! Let me see how you styled yours and #stylelately on instagram so I get to see it too. I hope to style mine real soon and I can’t wait to share with you.

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