No Visitors allowed!!

Nigeria is a country with absolutely no respect for privacy. They have no concern for your privacy and this culture of ours has been passed down to generations before mine that even toddlers have embraced it. It’s also the norm around where I stay and if you have a contradictory opinion, you’re an outcast (Anambra state). Maybe I also feel this way because I grew up without visitors. The only people who came around our house were relatives from my extended family and they didn’t just come to visit, they came because our house was closer to the hospital or that they had a funeral to attend and lodging in an hotel was not an option. Our home became the next best place. My parents rarely had friends, they had more of colleagues and they would call each other often but never visited, even if they did, it was really rare. This goes both ways too. We never visited too many people asides from relatives because my dad believes we should know our roots. I don’t know how well I learnt my roots through these years.

Visitors don’t get it. They are so insensitive that when I’m giving them a cold shoulder with my one word reply mixed with a horrible face, they still don’t get the message either. They don’t care about you OCDs with perfecting your dog-eared notebooks, your jewelries more so tucking your bed sheets.  They step on your rug with their mud shoes, try out your new clothes, look at your makeup kit. In the midst of the drama, I’m as calm as mice, throwing in conversation in between to cover the awkward silence. Most of the time I’m on my phone indulging instagram while the visitor is lying helplessly on the bed.

I’m not hostile guys, my close friends know this already, I just really dislike having visitors. I also think this is the reason I find it hard making friends or maintaining friendships. Dear visitor, Call or text me if you’re coming around so I get emotionally and mentally prepared for you.

2 thoughts on “No Visitors allowed!!”

  1. Hahaha…very funny post. You just reminded me of my mum in the concluding part. Sounds like what she would say after trying her best and exhausting herself being the perfect host. I have no problem with visitors cos I’m a little jovial,lol but I don’t hestitate to say no when its needed biko…lol.
    #P.S:Thanks for today. Your voice fits your face😂😝


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