JUNE Recap (Tales from rural posting) × JULY Goals

Fun, emotional rage, few tear drops, boredom, loneliness, alone with my thoughts kinda month all in June. This series of uprising hormones was due to my compulsory rural posting for my one year internship. I wailed with cursing (only figuratively) when I saw my next posting because I was still trying to gain stability with my 2nd new job. This posting came at the wrong time and was really out-of-place. This fear was totally overridden when I talked to my dad about it, he advised I should tell my boss I have been posted outside the previous location. It seemed easy being upfront but I got discouraged when I thought about the numerous consequences that might result for my honesty. Doubling my confusion was this division in my office which was in equal parts, some telling me to be truthful and others saying I should sweep everything under the carpet. I eventually settled for the truth as convinced by the holy spirit and other things that followed happened just like magic. My boss response was unbelievable. This goes a long way to support the claim that truly “Honesty is the best policy” 

The rural posting was a mix of severe raging emotions. I knew I should be out of there as soon as possible, I kept counting down to the last day, I even had to sign out on the first week. The hospital was never busy, there were no patient surge and cursing from the nurses and patient relatives alike. I had a lot of ample time to draft most of my blog post, restructure my blog and have new ideas flow in, like this one, click here to see it was peaceful which might be the only reason why I wished I stayed longer. I enjoyed the serene environment, conditions were perfect but could have raised a bar of they had constant power supply. The staff had a lackadaisical attitude towards work probably because they were never busy. They attended funeral on Fridays, the patients alike.

Working here was really fun. 90% of outpatients suffered from severe malaria and minor cases. They rarely had emergencies, my sleep was undisturbed at night. I relived boredom by talking to the nurses, security men, cleaners and the ward clerks. I guess they were bored too which explains why they loved having me around. Our conversation was revolving round topics like spiritual attacks, Biafra war, why I shouldn’t go abroad, marriage (they said I should do and bring my wedding invitation), child-birth, thieves, adulterous men, Buhari which most times I couldn’t relate to. Whenever I diverted to weaves, clothes, fashion blog, they always had the impression that I’m vain and spoilt. How does that relate tho?

Well, in the midst of this roller coaster,  I learnt a lot regarding my career. Things I couldn’t have learnt in such a busy place. I learnt humility too and I heard a special kind of sympathy for people who were terribly in pain and in critical health conditions but couldn’t foot their medical bills. I was closest to the grass-roots and felt what it was like being in poverty. Seeing these people suffer taught me that the things im currently fighting for to have doesn’t matter. I’m thankful for all that I have and for all that God has given me sincerely.

Like in previous monthly recap posts, all I have been up to will be In a bullet form

  • Eating: chin-chin which is really weird as I hardly eat these but since I went on the rural posting, I found love cracking them. It was the major snack I had so since I had to save money, I dwelt on that and bought food later in the day. I can survive in the desert finally at least this is proof.
  • Loving: the new ideas flowing in for the blog. I can’t wait to share these ideas with all of you.
  • Listening: to this new song by my classmate. I was surprised at first because it sounded so good for his first time in the studio as an artist. I never hexperrit. The download link will be below for your listening pleasure. http://430box.com/kax-one-thing-musikaxofficial-music/
  • Wishing: I could travel for my birthday but that wish is not reachable as my new posting won’t allow me to, may be next year. Also wishing that July will give me more recognition for my blog and fashion.
  • Buying: more thrift. From jackets to skirts, shirts and shoes.
  • Wearing: Mostly anything comfortable, like the picture below which is mostly baggy though.


This is my birth month and i couldn’t be more happier. I have conditioned my heart to be happy this month no matter what comes my way. I have no plans for my birthday anyway and since it’s a weekday worsened this because I have to go to work. July better be good, free and peaceful. Those are the only feasible goals I can think of.

What are your plans for July?  How was your June? I would love to read it all in the comment section. Drop yours! XOXO 

5 thoughts on “JUNE Recap (Tales from rural posting) × JULY Goals”

  1. The only miracle in my life lately is that I’m happy. I should be really sad but I’m not. Well, long may it last.


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