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My account balance screams not ready for summer but everything has fallen in to place. God abeg send my Mr Gbenga. It’s been a long time coming for this my abroad trip. In fact, I can’t wait to be called IJGB, like this picture below says it all.

Well, that’s not what the style post for this week is all about. It’s all about swim suits or the one piece bathing suits. Swim suits are one fashion item that can be so versatile and yet simple. It can be worn over a skirt like I did for this post, shorts, a dress (maxi or midi). You can wear this with absolutely anything to the club, pool parties, beach, dinner but not to main market abeg, they will rip you apart before you say jack Robinson.

They also come in varying types. In belly cut outs, off shoulder, halter neck lines e.t.c you just have to find the right one that matches your body shape. Here are style tricks to look good in swim suits without looking wet.

Style tricks to look hot in swim suits

First off, I will start with this quote by Emily Ratajkowski, “I always say, ‘Do you have a body’? Then, you’re swim suit ready. That’s all you need to worry about

  1. Accessorize: put on your best sun shades. Let your hair down. Don’t hold your it together. Wear lots of bracelets and get a choker too. You can also throw in a woven hat to complete this look.
  2. Foot wear: you can either go for flats or heels. Which ever one fits perfectly should work.
  3. Bag: sling and fringed bags work perfect. Incase you don’t find these, my woven finger purse worked too.
  4. Makeup: depending on where you want to wear this too, a light nude makeup is always favorable. I just switched to a darker makeup since I wanted to try this new look for the first time.
Perfect backdrop lol…

Incase you don’t have anywhere to go to with this outfit, don’t feel bad, you can still slay, take loads of pictures and then go back inside.

what are your thoughts on this combo? Let’s get interactive guys. Where would you wear this to? How would you style your swim suits? Drop a comment let me know. Till next time, XOXO!!

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