Mind your buisness

Why are people so interested in what’s going on in someone else’s life? This person might be a colleague, a neighbor, an ex-classmate and the list goes on from there. Why so bothered if she gets her clothes or shoes from a sugar daddy or if she goes in vacation solely sponsored by her man?

When girls come together, their topics sure revolve round these; men, fashion and other girls. There might be exceptions to this for people who are focused and determined, they don’t sit down and discuss people but then there are some people who I’ve discussed with or spent sometime with either sleepover or a day out. We always spent this time talking about colleagues. We would talk about their life, their social media pages, the source of their money and lifestyle. I didn’t know why we were so eager to fill our curiosity well. Whatever we discussed never left me with something positive rather it grew jealously, anger and competition. It was bad competition and I found It very exhausting. I got really disturbed about this and I ended all sorts of conversation with these friends.

I had a neighbor few months ago who had his girlfriend move in with him. For this story, I would use Mr G for the guy and Miss A for the girl. Mr G would lie to us when we asked who the girl was since we were neighbors. He told us it was his sister. Normally I wouldn’t bother with knowing their relationship status, but I had a friend who visited once in a while. Whenever she came, she would want to snoop. Well her snooping got her some information that it was his girlfriend rather. I could understand why he lied, he didn’t want to reduce the level of reputation he was still trying to build. He wanted some level of acceptance so I’d say he did what he gotta do. We all stayed in the staff quarters but it wasn’t just my girl friend doing the snooping. They were all, for some reason best known to them.  I would add here that this information we had got Mr G in to trouble as he was asked by the administrator to either tell Miss A to move away or pack out from the building. I felt really bad for him, i didnt know people wanted her out that much. I mean this girl literally stayed in her place, never talked to anybody except her boyfriend but people found her lifestyle rather insulting and a showcase of ego. while I put in to consideration on our varying beliefs as humans or our beliefs as influenced by religion, it doesn’t give the approval for snooping. Snooping is an indirect act of gossip so suite yourself

I still don’t know the reason why folks don’t mind their business. May be I can try to figure, may be most of them just can’t cos they feel everything is working for you so they might find a log in your eye to criticize you on. They are looking for something bad to place their hands and judge you on. I may be wrong on my assumptions but what else could be the reason?

I’m still in total state of bewilderment.  Do you have a reason to this why folks don’t focus on what’s theirs and their life? Why do they keep snooping? I’m all ears, let’s know why in the comment sectiown

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