Monday Inspiration || Good jealousy

Guys it’s been weeks without our Monday dose of weekly inspiration but I’m glad I found something worth an inspiration to write and share with you. I hate to scale up post without definitive ideas or post not explanatory at the least just so I can keep up. I have decided to spend time drafting, lining up my thoughts and arranging them in order. Well, look who’s finally getting better at blogging. This week, I’m focusing on a paradoxical topic which you can frown at but would be worth reading anyway.

Jealousy, envy or Rivalry can be good, contrary to popular opinion and what we’ve been fed in the past, there’s actually good jealousy. Well, jealousy according to some dictionary definition is a resentment towards someone for perceived advantage or superiority they hold. In all sense of that definition, it gives a bad signal. Well, I’m not writing to tell you how bad jealousy is and ten ways to keep you away from jealousy. I’m here to tell you that you can scratch off that resentment into genuine happiness for that someone.

If you get jealous that you started a business together with a friend but separately, dealing in the same line but it seems they are progressing or making more sales than you are, or your friend, classmate, colleague or sibling is getting better grades, favored more, get booked for the same business, making turnovers e.t.c. you don’t just sit there and brood or murmur. That kinda jealousy makes you come down your “high horse” and go back to the drawing table. This is the point you gotta check on your self, ask questions to what you’re not doing right, ask questions in the line of self-development like these;

  • I’m I trustworthy?
  • I’m I dry? Who are on my network?
  • How much hours of work I’m I putting in? How much effort am I making to make this work?
  • How can I improve?
  • Do I get a higher degree or invest more in advertisement?
  • What is she doing that I’m not getting exactly right?

These and many more questions should run through your mind. Research, read and aim to be at the top. Exactly when I started this blog, I knew what I was getting into. I knew a lot of people who was already in to the same line I was getting into. I sought for ideas everyday, I read different blogs in the same line and pattern of style as mine. I wrote down my visions. It’s not been easy holding up and seeing a lot of people get recognized over you but their progress won’t be a detour of whatever I had in mind when I started out. Their progress pushes me further. I don’t cry Over it,  I just put in more work, I push myself beyond limits to make those dreams achievable. I wasn’t doing it by scrolling through their instagram and wishing their success, privileges, brand collaborations will be mine. I knew i had to re-strategize and come up with better ideas.

Lastly, I prayed for what I wanted. It might sound really ridiculous but I put my wishes into prayer. I decreed prosperity and traffic over each post. It might not be all I want it to be yet. It might not have peaked or gotten to the pinnacle yet, but I understand that there’s been good progress over months. So get on with it, move forward!!

Ps|| what are your thoughts on good jealousy? How does your jealousy transform in to hard work?  Feel free to share, I would love to read your story too.

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