Monday Inspiration|| Your Value System

What is your value system? Whatever angle you choose to answer this question is a huge determinant to having an awesome friendship and a journey to a proposed BFF. The question might not be as direct as possible or as straight forward as you want but at the end of the day, you’re still going to answer regardless without your knowledge. I’m not so great with making friends or maintaining friendships but one thing I’m good at is psychology. I never studied psychology or had any education on psychology 101 but talking to any person about whatever topic can go a long way to determine if we will make great friends or not.

“Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks” This statement might be far from your belief or its far from your imagination but I’d love to welcome you to my world. I believe every statement, careless or not that you make is a product of your heart. It’s been thought, understood, digested then comes the speaking. Your mentality is a process just like metamorphosis. It’s a fruit of cultivated thought, burgeoning to mindset then your mentality.

“Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flows the issue of life” this again might not align but let me explain. Poverty, death, life, success, favour, prosperity, ideas and so does your value system, they all originates from your heart. It’s a day-to-day thought of poverty that makes you poor eventually. It doesn’t sound realistic or pragmatic to you but try this out. Start by thinking the opposite of what has held you back for so long. I used to have a bad mentality about marriage, about failure in whatever I plan to start. These mentality I had for so long was because of what has happened before in my life and in the life of people around me. I saw them fail consistently and I heard stories of horrible marriages and childbirth. These stories formed a bedrock of thinking for me and since I dwelt on these every time, it gradually formed my mentality.

Here’s the thing, the mentality develops naturally without you even keeping track on your thoughts. You may say I diverted from the topic earlier but whatever value system or priority you have has a stem of your mentality. Whatever rocks your both daily and values you keep above the other is what your thoughts hold on to. Tired of your values, character or life, it’s time to switch your thoughts. Dig it out and get rid of it immediately. It may not be as easy as I’m typing it right now though, it will take daily conscious and consistent efforts to be free.


4 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration|| Your Value System”

  1. Nice read like always…”conscious and consistent efforts to be free…”…got me thinking. Happy to be back. Missed you!


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