Style Post|| Denim Fun × Ten Random Facts About Me (birthday confessions)


It’s my birthday today guys and instead of an exhilarating adrenaline rush of happiness, I feel pressure. I feel pressurized to make it and this ‘show them’ mentality is getting the best part of me. I feel I should do more for my age, achieve more and eventually show them that I’ve arrived. Well, I have arrived whether you like it or not. I will also be giving the opportunity to anyone to ask me any question whatsoever and I will hand in your answer promptly. There will also be a giveaway on the blog so stick around for the questions later.

Here are the Top Ten Random facts about me.

  1. I suck at saying Good byes to an ex, family or friend. I get teary afterwards, where I can’t be seen anyway.
  2. I laugh a lot. A whole lot you might think I’m crazy. I laugh when I’m being photographed, laugh when you get serious, laugh in between convos at things totally unrelated when I remember past . My laugh is even itself funny. I have a peculiar laughter, there’s no double to it. My friends know the way I  talk and laugh. They know all my quirks so they can spot me from any distance with the voice and laughter.
  3. I’m pretty shy on the first date, first meeting or first appointments but my shyness don’t deprive me of any goal or money I’m trying to make. What’s shyness when money is involved, I will curse that shyness triple times.
  4. I will make a good actress or an event planner. How do I know this? I know the way I act really surprised when I was already hinted on a coming surprise. You won’t even know I had the slightest clue. Let’s just say I can be dramatic but not the drama queen level.
  5. I say things in contrary to what I believe. I say these things for cheap laughs but folks who are not my friends take me way too serious. My friends already know, don’t stress yourself out on that honey. It’s a joke!!
  6. I’m a dreamer. You know when folks tell you not to get your hopes too high so you don’t get disappointed, in fact I can swear that statement was made for me but hey I don’t care how many times I get disappointed I will still be that dreamer, day dreaming is the best. I already have a vision of the husband, my kids, my fashion conglomerate and chains of community pharmacies then a perfect home abroad abeg
  7. I also suck at maintaining friendships. We can have a good laugh,  tell relatable stories in between you can even think I’m a missing rib but I hate the follow ups. I hate the calls and the fact you might start liking me. I love our meet ups, our distant hi’s and fake handshakes but please the mere reason I love your company and discussion should never translate in to something better. It should be left at the formalism unless I’m that into you.
  8. I’m a natural hype-woman. Yorubas   call it ‘ALAGA’ ( i will also ask that you forgive and correct me if thus is wrong as i don’t have an elementary knowledge of yoruba) igbos  call it ‘OTI MKPU’ It’s a natural som’tin sha. I can exaggerate for Africa. I have the talent of making bad look good, I will help you discover that beneath the grime, there’s gold.
  9. I have an Alter ego called La Tonya. La Tonya is fun, vibrant, unruly, blunt. She wants to try out a strip club, splurge on shoes and clothes, travel abroad and make friends with random Caucasians that she may never meet again. She loses hope easily, doesn’t fight for what she wants. She wants to get a tattoo and a nose ring. She wants to make a viral video of her wildness and loose all the morals in the world. She doesn’t care about heart break. She wants to fall in love with the simplest person and not bother about marriage. She wants to adopt kids and right now on her birthday, she doesn’t want random text messages. She needs to be alone.
  10. I’m very ambitious,  determined and a hard worker. Y’all already knew this one.

For this post, I also want to give tips in how the blog is run so you don’t miss out. Basically, I post on the blog three to four times weekly all things being equal.

  • Mondays: Monday Inspiration/ monthly recap
  • Wednesday: Style post/ Blog lovin
  • Thursday: Life style
  • Friday: Flashback Fashion

The monthly recap comes once every month on the first Monday of a new month. There you go, incase you need help figuring the blog out, there’s all the information you need.

For the giveaway, I’m giving #1000 airtime to two people, #500 each. Here’s how you can win.

  • Follow the blog by clicking on the follow button.
  • Like our Facebook page on Style Lately. you can click here
  • Follow the instagram account on _zuggy
  • Comment done with your email below.

The airtime will be sent to the email of the fastest finger and you’re required to notify when you receive this. You also have an opportuinity to ask any question below and they will be answered accordingly. Once again, thanks for your birthday wishes.

20 thoughts on “Style Post|| Denim Fun × Ten Random Facts About Me (birthday confessions)”

  1. Hahaha…lmfao@no 3. We have so much in common especially no 7..its just 2 bad and I wish I know how to improve on myself,sometimes I feel am just so wrong nd just so weird and that I need help. Its really nice to find someone that is going through the same thing and explains it more than I can. I’m really happy to know that its not wrong or do you think it is???


  2. Lmao at your 10 things especially your big dreams and alter ego! What a character, lol. Your blog schedule too! That’s a lot of content you’re putting out weekly, my goodness, well done to you for being able to handle it and thinking up so many post ideas! I hope you never get stuck when it comes to ideas!


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