Monday Inspiration|| Stay On Track!

Written your goals yet? Written them down but not started? Started but stopped halfway? I have good news for you, it’s 153 days to go guys for the year. This announcement is not intended to put you under pressure. It’s to encourage and help you get back on track.  I simplified these steps as much as possible and it’s all you need to help you stay and get back on. There you go friends!‏

  • Revisit your goals- it’s the norm and still will be in years to come to writ your yearly or quarter goals for the new year. You’ve listened to the pastors preach and your spirit was quickened to immediately write down few notes. Permit me to say you were under the anointing then. You wrote the down giving no room to play and with all seriousness awarding all your attention to it. In January,  you pursued your goals amidst difficulties but just mid may, it started fluctuating.  Friends laughed off your goals and advised you stick to idealism. They told you lies about how you’ll never achieve it a certain way. They offered their opinions on how things should go. Well you can just go right back, it’s 153 days to go friend, pick your journal right up, dust it off and revisit each goal. Remember all the proper motivation you had while you wrote them down, the exact song playing in the background while you wrote down the business plan. Pick up from the middle where you stopped and get to work
  • Eliminate the distraction- I learnt a lesson quite early in life. Don’t feed your goals to people who won’t help you run with it. I call these folks “Goal Spoilers” They are not bad people, don’t misunderstand this please, but they don’t view through the same lens with you. They have contrary opinions to what you see. They have a divergent lens and truly, they don’t even see why you should go about it that way. Eliminate telling them about it but don’t stop being their friends. You can cut through how much you always share with them and keep it neutral.
  • Focus- After you’ve done all to stand, please stand. Focus on all you’ve written down, make a list of an action plan to follow. Don’t make bogus statements. Keep it simple and readable. Don’t overcrowd  your goals. Remember, It’s just one at a time. Don’t try to cluster a lot at the same time. Take it one after the other and keep it moving

It’s never late to start out your hustle now, don’t let anyone talk you down on it. Stay on track

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