Style Post|| Five Fashion Must Haves (Fashion Inspiration)

Trends keep evolving over time from one decade to another, from on generation to the next. Remember how our parents wore baggy and flared trousers? Look what fashion is making a comeback now. I like to think I’m a trend setter though I like to take few things from what’s trending and get to restyle it but I won’t say I follow trends. If you follow trends, Good luck on how often you keep spending on clothes. It’s not bad once you got the money to but if not I’m sure you will run out of money if you keep doing that.

Through these series of evolving trends, there are fashion basics that will never run out of season. It will always be there. Our parents had it more so generation before theirs. Look through your wardrobe, I’m sure you would find these but if not, these guide will help you declutter and fix in these fashion basics to your closet

These five fashion must haves can be worn day to night with just little or no manipulation. You can also pair these basics on your ultimate lazy days. Here are five basic fashion must haves for every girl

  • A basic white tee- A basic white tee in any form can be worn in variety to different places. You can do no harm with a basic with tee. It could either be dressed down with a pair of jean or to date night with a kimono.

  • A little black dress- From flared to A line shapes or a straight cut dress, all are essential to building a closet up from the scratch. It can be styled to church,  work, date nights, the club. It fits perfect for every event.  Why not get one already?

  • A pair of denim- Not minding if it comes in different styles, like the mom jean, frayed end denims, flared bottoms e.t.c. what ever style it comes in, just own a basic pair of denim and you’re good to go

  • A black pencil skirt- A tailored pencil black skirt adds just the right amount of flavor to your closet. I don’t even need to rant on this. These pictures below can do all the talking.


  • A black jacket- Length, shape and style doesn’t matter here so long as it’s black. It’s needed for work, brunch or just to cover up the cold. A black jacket is essential and a fashion must have

there you have it guys, the 5 closet essentials you need to be the fashion IT girl.

ps|| what fashion item do you think I missed here? Which fashion item did you recently acquire? Is it part of the wardrobe essentials on the list above?           All of your comments, likes are really appreciated. Thank you!


6 thoughts on “Style Post|| Five Fashion Must Haves (Fashion Inspiration)”

  1. Highly agree with everything in this post, though I’d say a black, grey & a white tshirt instead of just white. Frankly white clothing scares me especially in Dusty Abuja but one day I’ll get over it. Denim all day everyday!


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