July Recap × August Goals

I won’t say I’m having a fairly good august since the first week started with me having to treat malaria. A little bit of me says it’s well deserved seeing that I’ve been exposed to mosquito since the year began and I had a way if neglecting anti malaria drugs. This also explains why this post is coming this late when every other person has moved on with the new month fever and here am I dragging you back. I’m really sorry for this, I hope my apology is duly accepted. Now let’s being with July. Y’all know July was my birth month ‘ayeeee’ but it didn’t make much if a difference. Now when I reflect on how I spent my birthday, I feel I should go ahead and curse the hell out of my self. What I did was unthinkable. It was a weekday, I had no plans towards celebrating my birthday. I was depressed half of the day trying to figure out life you know. As I think of how I let the devil steal my joy that day, I’ve sworn it’s never happening again. I’m gonna take a spontaneous trip to Paris next year or better still Ibiza. Asides from the depressed state I was in, I also had some major highlights in July. It wasn’t all sad you know and just like I’d always do, the activities I engaged in for the month of July will be numbered in different segments.

  • Loving- That I reached a 100 views on my birthday post in July. Check the post out here if you’re yet to see.click here to view
  • Buying- I got wigs from an instagram vendor who happens to be a friend too. I can’t wait to share with you guys.
  • Eating- A lot better and I’m loving it more than ever except for the ‘you’re getting fat’ comments I’m beginning to get from people which includes my mom. I don’t know about this yet but I’m planning to join the #fitfam family.
  • Drinking- Water. I have a bottle that comes in handy. This is one skin care routine I swear by. I cultivating this as a daily habit, to drink water at all times whether I’m thirsty or not. It’s a daily progress cos water can be boring to take
  • Listening- To whatever comes across. I download a lot of songs these days for my radio job. I can’t believe I’m yet to tell you guys to go listen to me on Authority Fm 91.9 on friday nights by 9pm and on Saturday afternoon by 3pm. Yeah, I just put it right there.
  • Reading- Nothing basically. I just spend my life on the Internet which I feel marks off as reading. Go and hug a transformer!
  • Well, that’s a wrap up on my July recap. August holds a lot of promises for one being that I will be in lagos by 23rd of this month to see my favourite preacher of all time. Bishop Jakes will be in Nigeria for the SLC 2017 ( spirit life conference) at the Rock cathedral Lekki.  you guessed that right. I will be in lagos to finally see him and the host of others coming in too. I’m sure August holds a lot more for me and you too. Alright, tell me what you’ve been up to. I’ve missed you guys honestly. I can’t wait to catch up. What are your august plans? No plans yet? Don’t worry, spontaneity rules the day!! JK!!

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