Monday Inspiration|| Social Media Pressure

Social media is the new peer pressure. #tweetthis

Let’s just say that peer pressure was over used if anything like that word exist anyway. It was always thrown around from primary school assemblies to secondary school. The two words came in handy when taking series of parental advise sessions before you’re shipped away to school. It was used side by side with truancy, bad gang and disobedience. Peer pressure is not just what we dealt with in our childhood, it grows with us through adult hood. It might be shocking when I tell you that our parents also go through peer pressure yeah its visible in some certain decisions that they end up making for you but when examined, it’s noticed that it’s a typical case of a peer pressure situation.
I had my own fair sheer of it. I always sought to be liked by a particular group of people. I wanted to be accepted by them so bad, I would go the extent of displeasing my self for their pleasure. Prior before the pressure, I lived in a world of my own. I had no worries and I didn’t give any damn care of how people thought of my fashion or style. I thought I was liked and accepted by everyone, but then fast forward to my secondary school days during my senior years precisely, it felt like I begged for popularity. I wanted to be famous so bad, famous for something totally different from what I’ve always been known for. I had a history of wits, the competitions I went for then and how I’d solve mathematics with ease. You’d say that was good, but I envied the opposite. I wanted more attention from the male folks, from the female gangs too.

Facebook was the first social media app I joined. The ultimate reason I joined was out of boredom and besides every one else was doing that so I thought I could too. It was lovely. I would chat with my kindergarten/primary school friends then and we would talk about where we’ve been up to. I didn’t have any phone so I’d use my dad’s laptop to log in frequently which explains how horrible my first few pictures were as I only used the horrible laptop camera. I didn’t care either ways as I uploaded the pictures just that way. I haven’t even learnt about filters then. It was a smooth sail till I graduated high school. I noticed my pictures got scanty likes from Facebook while I had other friends that were more popular than I was. That singular thought pattern marked a beginning of my problems. I spent all the money I had buying their kind of clothes and when that didn’t seem to work, I turned motivational and started preaching too on facebook. I thought with the switch, the popularity I so craved will be suddenly handed down to be but that wasn’t the case. I was deep down frustrated and I had ran out of options. Well, when i had the likes when it finally happened, I was filled with momentary happiness but it quickly vanished when I stalked other pages and still realized I was lagging behind.

Social media has its plus sides. A lot of it I must say. It’s good for branding, discovery, comedy. You can virtually do nothing or be successful in your field if you don’t operate on social media. If I saw or knew this part of it, may be I wouldn’t have inflicted my self with so much pressure. Social media pressure can be over come if we get to know the truth. The bible got it right ‘you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free’ the truth will set you free from the pressure, but what is the truth?

Joy is the truth. Find joy not happiness, joy that comes from knowledge.


It’s joy that tells us that face book and instagram likes, twitter retweets does not make you special. You’d have joy even when you don’t get the right approval and recognition. Joy is what brings the hope and faith of tomorrow. I struggled with this pressure to be more, I pushed myself beyond limits till I realized this truth. Get that joy that comes from deep down your belly. The very one that comes rushing out like water which the holy spirit gives and you will be free forever.
Have you struggled with social media pressure before or are you currently dealing with it? Was this post helpful or not? How did you overcome yours?

6 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration|| Social Media Pressure”

  1. Yep, faced pressure before and still am but it doesn’t impact as much as before, I’d say. My tip is just to realise that social media is not life. A lot of people are pretending, or painting a perfect picture while the reality is much worse. Likes can be bought, they’re not that important (maybe in certain businesses). Not all that glitters is gold, and if you try and keep up with some of these things you’ll just end up empty and unfulfilled. It’s better to view social media with care, but keep in mind what is important – your main goals


  2. Oh.!!..This couldn’t have come at a better time.I had quite a lot of struggles with social media that I overcame somehow. I’m really happy we go through this,so that when people read our stories,they believe it’s possible to get over both social media pressure and also addiction. I have a lot to say on this topic but I would just be making another post under yours so I think I would write on this topic or something related. I’m very glad I came across your blog,somehow whatever you write about has something about me. Thank you. I’m sending you five e-hugs for not acknowledging your birthday and for this post. Let God keep inspiring you. Shine baby shine!!


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