Style Post|| Laid back

My title is self-explanatory and I wouldn’t wanna bore you with further stories, but I can’t publish a post with just three lines which is why I’ve decided to waste ten minutes of your life reading the junk I want to put out here, never mind scratch that part and keep reading. You will surely get a hang of it.

These pictures were taken when life was fun, by my sister months ago. When I didn’t have to bother about taking care of my self, about the cost of anything and the degrading value of our money, just before I transitioned to ‘Adultinghood’. My roles changed drastically from being fed to feeding other people. Life comes at you fast people I must say.

For this shoot, I wanted a change from the norm. If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you should have noticed that majority of my style post or personal style diaries were shot in heels. It’s not like you see me walking out every day wearing heels but it’s good for the brand but for this shoot, I wanted something a bit different. I would say this shoot symbolizes me on a normal day or just every other day when I’m not at the hospital or the studio. This will be a typical me on a date, movies, mall or just grabbing suya across the street.

My laid back style is pretty simple and it consist of a pair of flats, sunglasses, mom jean or any other comfortable pair of trousers because really tight pants literally suck my blood, t-shirt or a vintage shirt. In summary, I always choose comfort over setting trends.

This shirt also reminds me of my very first blog post after much deliberation on November 1 2016, yes we will be clocking a year on 1st November.  Read our very first blog post here

What’s your laid back style? Do you choose comfort or you rather be joining the band wagon? Share in the comment section.

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