Monday Inspiration|| Little Victories

How often do you rate your journey and things you’ve achieved thus far? Do you rate success in securing that job, getting married to the man or woman of your dreams? I see these victories as huge stones that can’t be ignored. It’s obvious, everybody sees this. They see you get married, take a new job or any huge step in life. That’s why social media exists anyway. People see through your life, through what you post, comments you make on other posts and they can put your life together in one piece just by viewing any of your social media pages even when you’re trying to be a smart Aleck or display some level of maturity by not posting anything about your personal life, some of your friends and colleagues will still get to tag you and then we’d see all you’ve been hiding.

Well, that’s not what this post is about. We know your big victories but what about the little ones we can’t relate to. The stories that can throw you off-balance when you finally tell it. Those little victories that seem negligible when you tell your life testimonies, when you post on social media or even when you thank God in hiding. They are stories that make you drop a tear when you remember them. It’s easy to forget the little victories won that served as stepping stone to where we currently are.

Life is paradoxical. You can’t get all of the good things and not the bad and you can’t get all bad things thrown at you without the good. They are sprinkled within both situations, they creep into your life regardless of what ditch you’re in, but then we are so busy with our prayer points, trying to tick off our bucket or goal list without minding the little, negligible things that happen along the way. The devil is busy playing with your feelings, showing you a picture of where you should have been,what should have happened, reminding you of how old you are and you’re likely not going to achieve you’re dreams. He bites your thinking. He inserts a venom of hatred and comparison. He makes you busy with their lives, comparing and contrasting that you hardly notice what’s going on in yours.

The devil tried it on my birthday. Yeah, he showed me where I should have been and what I should be doing. He took my mind off what I’ve achieved so far and the victories won. He didn’t remind me if the help, financial assistance rendered to me without asking for them. Those are the few things I should have remembered which its worth celebrating. I realized this mistake late but Satan won’t win next year.

Ps|| What little victories have you won but neglected? Do share with us, let’s celebrate together.

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