Style Post|| Revamp!

Have you ever had that one item in your wardrobe that you don’t want to let go and still struggle to find ways to style it? Every sane person would agree woth me on if you can’t style it, then give it away but if you can relate to that question then this post is for you. I have difficulties letting go of any fashion item I have whether clothes or accessories. It’s so damn difficult. I have several items packed somewhere with similar stories in my closet. It’s harder when I’m forced to declutter by my mom and she sits right there telling me you’ve not worn this in days, why don’t you give it out then? But I’m thinking one day a fashion inspiration will rest on me from above and I’d style it but this revelation always takes a lot of time trying my impatience which was a summary of what I went through with the top for this week’s style post.
Did I just say top in the last paragraph? Scratch that part. I meant mini denim skirt. It was like falling in love blindly and helplessly on first sight when I thrifted this skirt. My sense never told me to check if it fits properly before I threw money into the bin. I’ve had this denim cutie for months now if not a year. It was stacked somewhere with the others waiting for their day of reckoning lol but then it came sooner than I expected. I was in a bloody fashion trance when it fell on me ( you should totally not mind what I’m writing tho). What I thought I lost started coming together, hallelujah somebody!!! I eventually turned this denim mini skirt in to a one shoulder crop top and boy! It was the biggest achievement I ever thought of in my fashion journey.

For this shoot, I styled it with nude pants because I didn’t want to pull a denim on denim on this one then paired with my sexy red heels and accessorized with this burgundy purse. Permit me to use the popular I looked like a snack. That is all the sentence I need to summarize my look. I can hype myself Sha

Let’s get to it, I’m not saying you should keep stuffing your closet space with items you don’t obviously need but the ones you can’t let go might mean they have a purpose lol.  Hang on there and wait for a fashion manna to fall, you’d be glad you did.

Do you have any fashion item you wanted to get rid off but realized there might be a better way to style them? Share on here, I want to read your testimonies. How do you think I should have styled this better? Do you like how I styled this?  I’m waiting for your appraisal guys!!

4 thoughts on “Style Post|| Revamp!”

  1. Km sitting here thinking that was once a skirt 😱. Looks so chic and classy. You’re so creative😊. Weldone🙌. I also love revamping and going all DIY with my old clothes. Some turn out great, while others are just a flop😅


  2. My dear, sometimes I feel like the only way I can let go is by organizing a yard sale and making money out of these pretty items. That way I feel, the money I obtained can be used to get prettier items I can rock.


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