August Recap × September Goals.

The month of September is running out so fast on us guys and I’m here still stuck with August victories. I can’t seem to totally bud off August because it was the month I had a significant paradigm shift in thinking, mindset and life generally. August was filled with laughter,  heavenly Joy and blessings. You must be thinking this lady never had a bad day but NO I did had some terrible days but for every horrible day, there was a Joy so full that countered the sadness.
Children Emergency was in arguably my best posting since I started internship here at the hospital. It was smooth and sweet, stressful but not so demanding. I was most organized and the pressure from work came really easy on me. September didn’t seem like this at first on my new posting but I’m getting a hang on it gradually.

You remember from my last recap post here that I mentioned about travelling to Lagos for a conference mostly not for any other reason but because my favourite preacher of all time will be there. I’m talking of Bishop T.D Jakes. Everything was set, I got a five day break from work but my plans got cancelled at the last minute. It was disappointing though. Someone I’ve watched and listened to several inspiring and uplifting messages from  almost everyday and my plans of meeting him just blew up in the last second. I even sent him a DM prior to the conference that I would love a picture with him, yeah I was that desperate but you know what they say, every disappointment is a blessing. I’m thinking may be it’s not in Lagos we’d meet, it’s probably in Houston, Texas.

Do you have anyone you’ve been watching and following that you can’t wait to finally see what they are like in person? Do share with us.

My August diaries have been summarized below. Here’s what I got up to in August.

  • Loving: My self more than ever. I know this self love thing might sound cliché but until you start loving your self without depending on what everyone else is offering, then you would be going through a cycle of happiness and sadness for the rest of your life.
  • Eating: Well. I would categorize my feeding as balanced, not junks but proper food but this snack that’s sold across my street was my favourite companion for the night calls. It was really cheap and delicious. I would keep complementing the manufactures till they make me an ambassador I guess.
  • Wearing: Whatever my spirit and soul wants to wear not minding my environment and the judge judys. So long as I’m happy, I’m in the ultimate mood where I don’t care anymore.
  • Buying: I discovered a denim store here and that might be where I will spend my September salary.
  • Discovering: That when you’re an OAP, you’d have shitty songs on your phone from up and coming artist who obviously has no talent in music but you gotta hype them still. It’s darn painful honestly. I had OAP goals before I took on this job but I’ve been slightly disappointed since.

                 SEPTEMBER GOALS

I know first week of September is gone but I having an avalanche of ideas, thoughts rushing through my mind which I can’t wait to share with all of you guys. September started out pretty good. You guys know how I always said I’d make a good actress here  in my birthday confessions post,  it’s finally coming to pass as I auditioned for my first role in a stage play last two weeks and I got a role in a stage play. Who knew they thought I’d be good for the role? My first role is not really encouraging. I’m the calm and reserved kind and this role is the opposite. I hope I pull this off though. With all of that on my plate this month, September promises to be very busy and this is the perfect moment to take Time management lessons. Any help from anybody will be greatly appreciated. I’m also in need of ideas for the blogs one year celebration. I tough since I didn’t celebrate my birthday, I should channel the celebration to my achievements on the blog so far.

What do you think of celebrating the blogs first year on 1st November? Ideas anyone?

There you have it. I’d also like to hear what you got up to in August then your September goals.  Share with us by dropping a comment.


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