Monday Inspiration||Danger Of Low Expectation

I’m an optimistic person, a believer not built on positive confessions only but a belief springing from faith. It wasn’t like this before. Life hasn’t been smooth and rosy. I try at all times to put out a positive attitude towards the lemons life throws my way. I’ve failed at this so many times but I stood, dusted myself and moved on.

There’s one thing I never do which is to compare troubles. It’s tempting to start classifying and comparing your problems to that of someone else. We’re born differently and so are the troubles that come. I might have a dollar problem but that’s a burden to me but the person with a thousand dollars problem is on a mission to make me see that his is of utmost importance. I hope I tried to paint the perfect picture of my description in the above example.

What really matters at the end of the day? Whether you have a dollar or a thousand dollars problem knocking at the door is not what counts. What counts is your reaction to the problem. I know it seems I’m driving away from the topic but please stay right there with me.

Problems Come and go, some go within a short period and some others really take a long time to disappear while some also don’t, they serve as thorns to expose you to a point of vulnerability. Depending on what you’ve gone through in life, your mindset might have been configured to expect a negative experience every time.  I was in that pit before.  I thought I was being realistic with life because similar situations that ended a certain way made me believe everything would end that way. It happened to every dream I had, I thought I’d never win at anything because in my past I never won so with every step I took on my dreams, I had a doubt strongly lying in my heart that this would also fail. I expected failure without thinking it deeply. You’d say it wasn’t my fault because it developed over time, my mindset changed with each failure that happened.

 Low expectations come from reoccurring failures.


It wasn’t long enough that I got fed up with where I was and what was happening. I learnt a new way of life. I learnt to expect the best out of every journey. Don’t get it wrong, it didn’t happen by magic, it took a constant reminder that I’d succeed no matter what happens. Rome wasn’t built-in a day you’d say but it took constant consistent efforts to build it to what it is now. I’ve no idea what life has thrown your way, but it matters that you don’t let these troubles judge your future.

Low expectation traps you, if you don’t expect more, you won’t have more

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