Style Post|| Proudly African

Yes I am and I’m unapologetic about it. There are so many reasons I just said that despite our dwindling economy, Corruption, Unemployment, Poor electricity, inaccessible road structures, Poor maintainance of our Infrastructure and many more hurdles, sounds like a handful right? But beneath the grime, is a nation full of hopeful people, people that never give up. Their hope shines through the streets, through beer bars, through the little stalls and saloons. It burns without dimming. They are not afraid to try and keep trying, even when it seems the government has failed it state, they refused to be known as quitters. They keep toiling and burning the midnight candle. Little wonder why small business ideas spring up from every side, everyday. They don’t depend on the environment to feed them anymore because they got this. They might back home without getting the profit desired from these small businesses but they are consistent about the dreams and their architectural vision structured in the depth of their minds.

I’m proudly African. I say this not just because I have an African print head wrap which is one of the reasons but also because I was born with a hustling spirit within, groomed with discipline and self taught time management. It’s not because of our laughable culture but our diversity on one people.

This style post felt basic without my African head wrap. I could have used a bowler hat, face cap to add some oomph to it but I chose African instead. I have a lot of denim outfits. I literally have a Ghana must Go bag full of denim in different shapes, sizes and designs. You’d recognize the jacket I wore for this shoot here where it was previously styled. I thrifted the denim dress not too long ago and the button down design was what drew me to this dress. I like that you can wear two different shades of denim in one piece and still strut on the streets. Denim has become an accepted uniform in our society, so why not try it?

What’s your thought on my double denim style? Share on the comment box below.

I’m also trying out a new logo for the blog, I wanted to keep it simple and basic, what do you think of the sample picture below?

8 thoughts on “Style Post|| Proudly African”

  1. I think a denim of whatever species, would fit as though one was born with it, provided it’s the right size.
    But hell! Combining two denims, that’s an elegance of the superlative class.
    But I’m wondering how you’d look with an Ankara kimono on that button down denim. 🤠….just thinking different.


  2. Thanks for the reassurance to fellow Nigerians.You look beautiful as always.
    P.S:The logo idea is fab and try a turban style headwrap next time you re-rocking this outfit.


    1. SOM SOM, where have you been?
      Thanks, I’d definitely try that out. I initially wanted to for this post but I figured my head might look too big with the braids too.


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