Style Post|| Day to Night with Aurate Newyork

Just before I jump right in to this post, I need to say Happy New Month and Happy Independence Nigeria. I’d also not pretend like I didn’t leave tall hanging through last week and for that I apologize. I hope I’ve been forgiven now.

AUrate New York, a handmade jewelry company that offers timeless jewelry based in New York city. They are currently running a positive social impact that challenges women to represent a transition look from day to night. I’ve always wanted to do the whole transition day to night outfit so I made good use of this opportunity . As someone who barely goes for evening events outside my work space, this really was a hard pick for me. I work with a government hospital and my work outfits are extremely boring to look at, but for this I thought I should show you what my Fridays look like since we are allowed to experiment with fashion on Friday at the office.

AUrate New York is a company with a difference. It’s not  just their jewelry that is made from ethically sourced materials but their generous heart as they give back to economically disadvantaged school children through each purchase of their jewelry, you can read more about this here So collaborating with them was awesome.

For this look, I picked out a frayed denim, typical for casual Friday, a mini crop top which was thrifts and this smoking blazers. My day look comprised of minimal accessories and court shoes which are mostly comfortable for my job description.

My transition to a typical hangout with the girls after work was taking off the Blazers and placing them in my bag, and some shoe switch which totally screams ‘ready to party’ I opted for this shoe instead because I thought it was a great boost to what I was wearing. This is also the first time I’d be wearing my natural hair in a bun for the blog at least let me show it off for once before i eventually cut it and anyway, I totally loved the feeling it came with during this shoot. If you have any questions regarding my natural hair, you can read here

I’m not so big on accessories but you can’t deny that you can change an outfit perception if you get your accessories right like how I switched up my shoes for the second look. You can also use this link below to check their entire earing collection


My out fit details

  1. Croptop from Dolce and Gabbana 
  2. My frayed denim and jacket are thrifted
  3. Leopard print shoes are from primark while the gold strapped sandals are from atmosphere

What’s your day to night fashion look like? Which look is your favorite? 

I’d also like to know what you’ve been up to while i was away


15 thoughts on “Style Post|| Day to Night with Aurate Newyork”

    1. Thank you for reading and your comment. The inspiration behind this post was creating a balance with denim. That denim can be worn to work and it’s not just a fashion clothing for casual.

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      1. Wow that’s really awesome Kaycee 😊. Your blog is really awesome and inspiring. You have a great gift within you.Please continue blogging and inspire people around you 😊. And if you can please do visit my blog and let me know about it. It would be really helpful 😊. This is the link to my blog



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