Monday Inspiration|| A Ray Of Hope

I like to write about my life journey a lot. On my weekly episodes of Monday inspirations, they are mostly made up of what I recently got through or life battles that I’m currently fighting. I don’t always have it all put together, the answers to the questions I’ve asked countless times never came right on time when I wanted it but I write regardless because I know that someone out there has a relatable story to mine.

I’m never a hopeless person. I don’t think I’ve ever been one. I try my best to make the most out of every opportunity but what do you do when your prayers seem unanswered and for bloggers, when your stats don’t seem to be adding up like you want them to? What do you do when life seem to be a see-saw for you, sometimes up and most times down? Well, I’m trying not to preach but I can’t help not to lol. Through my journey, I’ve noticed over events that life hits you the worst at the edge of your breakthrough. You might be wondering what this means but I’m gonna explain. A lot start to fall apart just when you about to get hold of your miracle, just like when you eventually start that business you’ve always dreamed off and they people don’t patronize you, it doesn’t mean that the dream wasn’t meant to be, it was but the devil shows you a false image to believe that your dream can’t be achieved. He bites your thinking by discouraging you and if he succeeds, you’d eventually give up trying.

There’s always a ray of hope no matter how bad the circumstances might seem. When the future is blurred and your ambitions seem bigger than you can carry, there’s always a hope somewhere that you can always hold on to. Find that hope and hold on to it. Never let it go.

Sometime last week, I was worn out from involving myself in lots of projects nothing was coming forth from. I got tired and was this close to quitting but right there in my morose feeling. Hope came, I switched from feeling that way to feeling hopeful that things can get better. It’s harder to believe it will get better when everything around you is going south but holding on to something unseen, might just be the only way out.

Don’t quit believing. Hold on to Hope.

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